Sunday, May 11, 2008

World's Largest Hindu Temple in New Delhi, India

This is the world Famous Akashardham Temple in New Delhi, India. It is declared as the world's largest Hindu temple by Guinness World Record. The certificate image is shown at the end. First, look at some exclusive pictures

I can't believe somebody came up with this design below in the courtyard. Everything is lotus shaped...Observe.

Built in a record 5 years time, just look below for its intricate design, almost present at every level, resembling Khajuraho or Vijayanagar kingdom architecture.


Look at some more external views:

The same in night time

Some more views in the temple periphery given below: But before that, the main features:
1) No structural steel was used and completed within five years by 11,000 artisans and volunteers.
2) Entirely made of Italian Carara Marble and Rajasthan's red sandstone.
3) The temple complex houses musuem, IMAX, musical fountain and large landscape gardens.

4) Area is over 86,000 sq ft and is 100 acres.
5) There are 3 main halls, of which one of them takes you on a journey of 10,000 years of Indian History in 10 minutes.
6) The hall features the world's smallest animatronic robot in the form of Ghansyham Maharaj
7) Visitors can sit in small intricately designed peacock boats that take you in an artificial river and let you see the most ancient bazaars, universities, chemical labs, bazaars, hospitals and finally future of India.
8) The Yogi Hriday Mahal whose picture is given at the beginning has small stones in water on which quotes of famous people are engraved.
9) It has the world's largest step well - Yagna Kund.
10) It has 234 ornate pillars, nine domes, over 20,000 statutes of Hindu Gods and Godesses
11) Watch the movie Mystic India that takes you on an epic journey from Ancient india to Modern India
12) The structure on all 4 sides has elephants describing the stories of our epics.

Look at this picture below. It is unbelievable
Wow!!! I wonder if the old temples of Vijayanagar and Chola kingdoms would have resurrected it will be like this....Majestic and Grand...I am happy that even today a temple like this being made is only indicative of the fact that we still have grand architects. However, it is still mysterious as to how such grand temples (Meenakshi, Kanchipuram, Thanjavur etc) were built when not many tools and machines were available. The single stone granite temple at Thanjavur is no less than a wonder. The hardest stone on the planet being cut and temple made of a single stone.

This temple is a replica in many ways of the grand times we lived in 1000's of years ago

Have a look inside:

Wow!!! Is this special visual effect or real? Observe the picture carefully. Look at the intricate design, each level is distinct and so sharp. It is just beyond the capacity of the eye to see the beauty.

Bill Clinton had visited the same temple's branch in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. Clinton wrote -

"Taj Mahal is beautiful, but this is beautiful with a beautiful message".

This is not graphics...It is real...This is a real Arati and Bhajan at the temple.

I say that we still have today to our own credit the ability to recreate the magic of 1000's of years old grand colossal monuments.

Imagine, steel has been used to create some amazing structures in the world...We perhaps are those who showed the world that stone could be used to make something more dazzling than a diamond.

Below is the Guinness Certificate.


Sri said...

Wow... Its Magnificient and Awesome....

Hats Off to U.. for posting such a gud one.

mayur said...

what a temple akshardham is! when i saw first time i had no idea, how it will create in just five year. Answer is this is made my god. I have deeply respect for pramukh swami maharaj.

Prakash said...

When I first visited Akshardham, I was stunned, speechless and i forgot about myself. I felt very proud that such magnificent artists and architects are still in our great India within simple dress and lifestyle. when i found that you also exclaim the same, I felt really happy. Our nation has still a lot of message to teach the world.


hey its awesome yarr..
can anyone tell me the indian temple having biggest courtyard...

dishant gill

Anonymous said...

Easily I acquiesce in but I contemplate the post should have more info then it has.

Gurharpreet said...

I havnt see akshartham.but after reading article.i am exicited to see it.i will go there.its verybeautiful 4rm gurpreet

Anonymous said...

Akshardham Temple truly is a Super Excellent Hindu Temple. Hindus all over the world should be proud of this. Pilgrims who visit this temple will benefit in this life and their future life. It is a great honour to be a Hindu. Om Namah Bhagvate Vasudevaya. Chetanji Rajasthanwale / Australiawale

Anonymous said...

beaauuttiful........proud to b a hindu!