Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Photo Gallery of Delhi metro and Metro Musuem

Pictures from the year 2008

When I heard the news that Delhi metro Corporation Limited opened a musuem dedicated to the success of Delhi Metro, I was surprised. Does Delhi metro really require a museum. I later realized and asked myself, "Why not?". Isn't it great that our country has an infrastructure that is making not just SE Asia envious, but also London? Isn't it great that Delhi metro is being executed with such dedication that perhaps no infrastructural project in our country ever (since 1947) has witnessed.

Delhi Metro is changing the lives of Delhites. The Chawri Bazaar station is a breakthrough. It is the 2nd deepest METRO station in the world. By 2010, it will be the 3rd largest in Asia. The fares are the cheapest in the world. Most of its coaches are being built in Baroda (Gujarat).


This picture is of Chawri bazaar station. Don't worry about the outside. One should go inside the station. It is extremely clean.

Delhi metro has now got a dedicated bomb disposal and diffusal squad, 24*7 call center, centralized operating center, a dedicated office, new rules just for Delhi metro managers to collect spot fine for any violation/mess. So, far cleanliness has been upto the mark and whenever there has been news of bad maintenance, swift action has been taken.

DMRC has learnt to change and rectify people's complainsts. Here is the series of media news that shows how DMRC has been very effective.

The above headline was made after complaints were received of people overcrowding and not following simple queue formations and easily slipping onto the tracks. Now, steel girdles have been put in such a way that doors open only between the gaps. This eliminates people slipping onto tracks to a very good extent. Simple queue formations are not practised by a vast majority of us. However, on receiving complaints, DMRC sent special squads to help do this (Sometimes, I wonder why we need someone to teach us basic things!!)

Later, Metro began to collect fines on the spot and no one can complain. The managers have been complete rights to collect fines.

So, here are the pics of Metro musuem opened in late 2008.

Photo courtesy: google,, timesofindia and hindu

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