Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Why the new Ramayan is worth watching?

Initially, when Ramayan started on NDTV Imagine, I was not too enthused. The old Ramayan from the same production house has already created history. The new Ramayan from the same production house (Sagar Arts) was initially low on TRP's. Personally, I did not like until Ram was coronated. Later on, the picturization became the high point. All characters look good and costumes given are also fine and matches with the traditional facet of the epic.

Just observe Ravan's make up and costumes. It is very nice. At least they have maintained the right looks unlike Manish Malhotra whose costumes in Mahabharath (Ekta Kapoor) are crap. This make up given to Ravan resembles that given to S.V. ranga Rao or Satyanaryana of Telegu films (whose acting can't be matched by anyone). Speaking of Ravan, the character played by - Akhilendra Mishra (Kroor Singh of Chandrakantha) is superb. His expressions, acting, anger, laughter - all suit extremely well. In fact, Ravan's character played by the artiste is the high point of the serial. The most striking feature is his acting.

The settings are also another worth watching at. It is better than the old one. Look at the above picture. It looks so nice. The conventional ones and the floor design is very appealing. I wish floors of my house resemble this..

This is Ram played by Gurpreet Singh. Of course, no one can match Arun Govil, but this guy has done fair enough.

This is the mighty Kumbhakaran. The costume colors are very good.

This is Hanuman above. All characters have been well scripted and everyone has a pleasant face and good pace w.r.t dialogues. Not too many songs. Story is fast and to the point. No exaggeration, whatsoever. This is the best part of the story flow in the serial.

If possible, everyone watch as the final war sequence is about to begin and it's going very well. The TRP's have also shot up considerably.



The old Ramayan was the best. No doubt. about it. I have found no-one in my circle who has found the newer one better. I have sometimes watched its episodes. It seems to be a comedy type serial too. You can't compare that Ravan with this one. I think NDTV Imagine people have spreaded this propaganda on internet to misguide people that newer Ramayan is better.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to say, but get ur facts right, its Gurmeet Choudhary, not Gupreet Singh. Wherever u got that name from.

Anonymous said...

Gurmeet Choudhary has been the best Lord Ram of Indian television. His looks, acting, and expressions are unmatched even by Arun Govil. Arun Govil was nice but he did not fit the role very well. Gurmeet is by far superior to Arun Govil in this role, and Debina Bonnerjee is also a better Sita than Deepika Chikhalia. There was fire and justice in her character just as Saint Valmiki writes her. Deepika was a weepy Sita.

Lalit said...

This new Ramayan is interesting, fast paced, and has got most of the facts right. The characters are all very good to look at and the effects are marvelous. This Ramayan has done total justice to the epic!


old ramayan is the best ARUN GOVIL who played the role of lord rama is ver far from the gurmeet choudhary. gurmeet choudhary is good actor but he wos no suitable for playing role of lord rama.ARUN GOVIL is best for playing role of lord rama . and old ramayan is much better than the new ramayan