Tuesday, September 9, 2008

TCS to computerize all police stations in GUJARAT

In a revolutionary step, Gujarat government headed by Modi has given contract to Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) to computerize all 483 police stations across the state.

With already broadband connectivity in all villages, computerising is a simple task according to TCS. In the next 6 months, the software will be handed over.

Salient features:

1) complete inter networking of all stations in a way such that if a criminal record is filed in police station Ahmedabad can be retrieved instantly in Gandhinagar (as an example)
2)All police and constables will now be accessing computers to record their attendance and leaves
3)The citizen will be able to file a complaint online through internet and will get a confirmation in return
4)All stations equipped with biometric devices that can capture fingerprints and other bio sensory information

The project's first version will be released in 6 months, while the project span is going to be 5 years..

I would say this is a mindblowing and extremely necessary action. Imagine if we network all police stations in the country, the impact would be unbelievable. The fact that the inhouse software giant is doing is an interesting fact.

So, will states follow Modi's suit?

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