Thursday, August 21, 2008

J&K burning: Nehru's blunder; separatists betrayal

If our country can ever remember a blunder done by the respectful first Prime Minister - Nehru it is Kashmir. Even when the then Home Minister Sardar Patel consistently insisted that Kashmir be resolved bilaterally by acceding it to Indian Union, Nehru wanted a route that was unprecedented w.r.t situtation - referendum.

One should go and look at PoK (Pakistan Occupied Kashmir). It is even worse than Pakistan itself. It is nothing but hell. In Indian Kashmir, at least there are roads, there are trains, there is at least some development and most important of all - freedom. Special status to KAshmir has been given since 1947. Even today an Indian from any other part cannot purchase land in KAshmir and is because to help the people there. Yet, separatists in Kashmir want to join Pakistan. They hoist Pakistan flag on Indian Independence Day in Srinagar's Lal Chowk (it is the same place where 20 years ago Murli Manohar Joshi of the BJP had hoisted Indian flag). This is definitely not the people of kashmir valley doing - it is the separatists who want merger with Pakistan and they indirectly say - "Azaadi". Consitutionally, legally - Kashmir is a part of India. What kind of freedom are such people talking about?

In Jammu when the controversy started over accomodation of Amarnath pilgrims, it was a single issue. All that Hindus in Jammu wanted was better amenities in Amarnath for JUST 2 MONTHS when the yatra is in place. Over the past several years, there have been frequent terrorist attacks on the pilgrims. In order to better facilitate and co-ordinate, the Amarnath Shrine board headed by Governor seeked more land. This was agreed by the government and law was passed to hand over the same. Pilgrims come in huge numbers to Vaishnov Devi, but because of military's presence the place is better managed. Similarly, for Haj, there are lakkhs of rupees spent on pilgrim safety and accomodation. Hence, Amarnath also is no different. Just when the separatists of the valley started protests, the government went back on the order. This gave BJP an emotive issue. But this time, it is a little different. Congress party of Jammu has also joined hands with BJP in ensuring that the land be given at least on a temporary basis.

According to me, there is nothing wrong in giving the land for temporary purpose for 2 months in a year. The sole reason the separatists want to prevent even this is to vitiate the peace and harmony. First of all, the governor Vohra must be called back. Second, of all there should be an agreement according to which 2 months the land is given to Amarnath Shrine board. As far as plebisicite issue of the separatists is concerned, it is out of question. India and indian govt will never accept the same.

The most communal position today is being taken by PDP who say that the land transfer will violate Section 370. How ridiculous is this statement? A temporary accomodation is not land transfer.

Our very HOME MINISTER Is not fit to be in home or in office. He must be sacked. He is the most passive and nuisance cum non sense leader in politics today. He is fit for nothing but only speaking and that too in an insane manner.


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