Thursday, August 14, 2008

3 more expressways opened

The story of expressways in India is moving forward, although slowly. This year is seemingly getting faster. 3 more expressways are now operational, taking the total number of expressways to 9. (Pictures: Courtesy :flickr and skyscrper)

Belgharia Expressway - West Bengal

Durgapur expressway - West Bengal
This stretch was initially a 2 lane highway and was the central point in connecting Delhi-Kolkata and Kolkata-Mumbai. In 2003, work began and by 2005, 4 lane was made. Instead of just upgrading, they made it an expressway with exits at sides to connect Kolkata on one side and Kolkata-Chennai part of Golden Quadrilateral.

Delhi-Panipat elevated Expressway
Delhi to Panipat journey used to take 45 minutes and was causing severe congestion in Delhi. Now, the new 10 km New Delhi-Panipat expressway has opened. 6 laned, tolled expressway with the help of which you can cover Panipat in 10 MINUTES....

What more!!! The road was made 10 months ahead of schedule by L&T. The 3.6 km elevated expressway is the longest in the country as of now. 30,00 litres of Petrol will be saved everyday from now on.
Nine meter wide Peripheral roads provided on either side will cater for local traffic without interfering with long distance main traffic. Three under passes at km. 87, 92 and 93.6 have been provided for the cross traffic. Via-duct has been provided covering the Panipat city on the crossings of Gohana road, Sanauli road, Assand road and Bus stand upto Skylark Tourist Complex. At the end of the stretch a 20 lane Toll Plaza has been provided for collection of the user fee.

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