Sunday, August 10, 2008

After Delhi, it is CNG in Ahmedabad and pollution drastically reduced

After Delhi's air pollution scene has been witnessing a dramatic reduction and improvement in air quality, it is now the turn of Ahmedabad. According to the recent article, Ahmedabad was 4th most polluted city in the country, but now it is 50th. This means that the introduction of CNG for autos there has reduced the air pollution so much.
I believe that this should spread across the state (hoping entire country) as it has huge natural gas reserves. Already there is a grid network of 1200 km gas pipleline giving chemical industries cheap and affordable gas. This if diverted can give huge potential to use it for public transporation.
The real problem initially seemed the non-availability in Delhi and long queues the auto drivers had to be standing in. Gujarat has solved the problem by setting up more CNG stations. CNG is definitely cheaper than Petrol and is undoubtedly a viable alternative. After all autos, now 600 of 1000 buses have been converted to CNG.
In 2001, 198 micrograms of RSPM (respirable suspended particulate matter) in every cubic metre of air. Later it reduced to 166, 132, 96,82 (recently). It is definitely an inspiring graph.
Hope, Bangalore gets CNG soon. It will reduce pollution so much.

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