Thursday, August 21, 2008

Modi does it again; cracks the terrorist puzzle

In yet another demonstration of political maturity, Narendra Modi has cracked down on terrorists in a silent, smart and suave manner. His complete freedom to Gujarat Police to crack down and the pressures put on the police to come out with concrete results helped the police finally reveal the terror trail.

SIMI being behind this has now come out in the open. The so called Indian Mujadeen is nothing but a subordinate of SIMI. They have been planning this from a very long time.

SIMI, was a banned outfit when Advani ordered the same in 2001 through involvement of the courts. A few days earlier, Lalu, Mulayam, Paswan together wanted ban to be lifted just to get Muslim votes. It was a cheap and communal trick. No religious body matters when it comes to national security.

Modi has shown a path after which not only BJP, but also Congress, defense analysts, other state governments have got leads. Yes, of course one cannot guarantee if every state and every police will act so independently.

Click this article to know how police cracked the case.

Now, even Congress - fortunately has filed an affidavit asking for an extension on the SIMI ban. Thankfully, Congress party has shown some maturity.

All this still leads us to unanswered questions - Can we still be safe? Can further such attacks be avoided or prevented?

At least what Modi has done needs to be applauded. There is a single and simple reason for this. If the perpetrators of crime are booked, the fear of committing the crime will reduce. Any govt when goes soft on terror and does not even book criminals, the crime rate will exponentially increase. If as a country and the law as a whole can be rigid, we can reduce the incidents. Alas!! if this was real...Modi has only shown that he can do it and he has done...

A ban may not help, but definitely it freezes the organizations assets. However, it is also known fact that Bangaldesh is sponsoring them indirectly. It is necessary to keep a tight vigil and share inputs with a central agency coupled with a tough law. A central agency as suggested by UPA govt and a tough law like POTA as suggested by BJP must go hand in hand to ensure that intelligence reports are synchronized and tough laws are in place to punish for such henious crimes.

Doing both of these will not eliminate such attacks, but will reduce them.

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Anonymous said...

Modi was sleeping when Ahmendabad was terrorized!!