Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Kandhahar hijack response - Congress accusation is outrageous

For the past 2 or 3 months, Congress party has been repeatedly using Kandhar tragedy to tell people that BJP was weak in that they released terrorists but they captured Kasab.

Firstly, it is foolish to make a statement like this. There was no terrorist demand made during Mumabi 26/11 unlike Kandahar. Secondly, in releasing the terrorists, it was agreed upon by all parties in an all party meeting of which Manmohan singh, Sonia Gandhi others were present.

Have a look at how many terrorists did Congress surrender:

December 1989
Just as the newly sworn-in home minister in the V.P. Singh cabinet, Mufti Mohammed Sayeed was in the midst of his first meeting with officials in North Block, news reached him that his daughter Rubaiya had been kidnapped by militants.
SETTLEMENT: Six days later, 8 separatists including Pakistan-trained Sher Khan, Noor Mohammed Kalwal, Altaf Ahmad and Javed Ahmed Jargar were released.

JKSLF activists kidnapped Nahida Imtiaz, daughter of National Conference MP Saifuddin Soz
SETTLEMENT: Pakistan-trained secessionist Mushtaq Ahmed released.
DECISION MAKER: Chandra Shekhar

August 1991
Indian Oil executive director K. Doraiswamy kidnapped in Srinagar by Ikhwan-ul-Muslimeen.
SETTLEMENT: Release of nine militants including Javed Shalla who was charged with the killings of Kashmir University vice-chancellor Mushir-ul-Haq and HMT general manager H.L. Khera
DECISION MAKER: Home Minister S.B. Chavan

Sep-Oct 1993
40 armed JKLF militants occupied the holy Hazratbal shrine and held nearly 170 civilians hostage for six weeks.
SETTLEMENT: Militants given safe passage on the understanding that they will give themselves up to the local police and not the army, and their bail applications will not be contested. In six months all were freed and escaped.
DECISION MAKER: P.V. Narasimha Rao

Taken from india today archives(

How does Congress answer these?

One needs to understand that the public pressure brought Congress to act swiftly and that is why they passed National Security Act. It was the same public pressure that made the government listen to terrorist demands in 1999. What could the govt have done in the wake of too much public outcry. It was close to New Year celebration. India totally had lost touch with Afghanistan since 1996. There was no diplomacy possible as there was no govt in Afghanistan (whom would govt negotiate with?).

It was the first time an air hijack happened in our country and we neither had suitable law nor forces to take quick action because of public pressure. It was definitely very bad and unfortunate that the External Affairs minister Jaswant Singh had to escort these terrorists ,and indeed ,the action is questionable. But the action per se to release terrorists was agreed upon by all parties.

Day and night on all media channels were showing pics and narrating tales of families asking govt to release terrorists. The govt was stormed by the media and public. Such an outburst had put immense pressure. But look at what Congress govt did. DId they have to wait for such a brutal attack on 26/11 to take action? They must have done in the wake of serial train blasts in Mumbai. The govt slept and allowed terrorists to attack city after city and took no action. With a careless home minister headed by a spinessless PM led by non-accountable Sonia Gandhi converted the ambience into a total mess with inaction. Today, they compare Mumabi with Kandhar...How stupid and insane can the comparison be?

This was what Hom Minister Chidamabaram said very recently:

"I do not know how I would have reacted if 150 familes came to my door and pleaded that their loved ones in that aircarft must be saved. It is easy to criticise but if one is in that position, it is a very difficult decision," he said at the NDTV's 'Indian of the Year' Awards function held on January 21 (Wednesday)

Will Congress understand what their own govt's minister said?

Monday, April 13, 2009

Inside the mind of an Indian voter

If someone wants to publish or edit an existing publication about World's greatest mysteries - "The mind of an Indian voter" must surely be included. It is no less a wonder.

An Indian voter is either too stupid or too smart. For the past 62 years, India as a democracy is alive because of the fact that people have been voting. For the initial 30 years, the entire nation voted with a "nation" in mind and there were leaders who dominated the entire country. It was not until 1977 when Indira Gandhi imposed Emergency and people realized the significance of democracy and they voted very smartly in removing Mrs. Gandhi out. The same Gandhi was back in 1980 when she championed the cause of Harijans. The very fact that she removed the basic freedom was out of people's memory. When she died, there was state sponsored anti-Sikh riots by Congress. Even Rajiv Gandhi told that was expected considering the impact of loss of a great leader. While the Sikhs were angry, an entire nation voted for Rajiv Gandhi. This was so mysterious in itself. Later, what struck the Indian mindset was not communal riots of 1984, but Bofors. Suddenly, corruption became an issue. His progress in information and technology, diplomacy, change in economic policies never even moved a common man and he was voted out of office.

They elected a man V.P. Singh who for the first time divided this country on religious lines openly through law by introducing reservations at every level thereby curbing the growing meritocracy. This brought down his government and Narasimha Rao headed a minority government and ran the country for 5 years. Perhaps, Narasimha rao was the best PM who took some real bold steps. Yet, he was the most corrupt PM. If it was not for him, Manmohan Singh could not have done anything. Yet, the people threw him out. What explains this? For a common man, corruption is important or corruption that lives along with great progress..?

Then came Vajpayee Govt. It was one of those governments which created history by taking some of the boldest diplomatic, economic and infrastructural steps ever since Independence. At the end of 2004, the govt was voted out because a new pattern of state politics dominating national politics emerged.

At times, it is too complicated to understand as to what goes inside an Indian voter when he/she votes? It is as vast as our country and as as varieted as its people. From North to South, east to west Indian mind changes. In northern states like Rajasthan, Haryana, UP local factors dominate even in Lok Sabha. In South, Kerala, TN, AP state politics matter. Karnataka votes differently . Why? God knows? People look at State Government progress and decide the Center? This has been the trend since 1989. It is very sad. No national issue, no national leader (last being Vajpayee) is acceptable to everyone. No national party has been able to satisfy the Indian voter mind. What do people want? Water, electrcity, roads, job or just caste based representation. Let's take state elections. In Rajasthan, meena community voted against BJP just because Gujjars got reservation. Is this the basis to vote? In Bihar, yadavs, muslims combination still prefer Laloo than Nitish. because they have loyalty to them. In Karnataka, farmers preferred corrupt deve gowda over S.M. Krishna. In Andhra pradesh too, Naidu was defeated because of rural vote. The same Jadish tytler ans sajjan kumar (accused in 1984 riots) handsomely won with huge margins successively from Delhi. The number of convictions in 1984 riots is ZERO, but in Godhra it is 25. yet, the media always talks of Godhra, but not of 1984 riots. Is it that what happened 25 years ago was less brutal than the one that happened 9 years ago? People both in Punjab and Gujarat have moved on because they care for bread and butter issues. This is the trend in most states as well. There is also filmstar fanaticism. People elected Govinda, Dharmendra, MGR, NTR and so on. Most film actors have failed. People had/have/will vote for such people as they fail to realize that it is not easy to act real life unlike reel life.

In Gujarat, post Godhra people voted handsomely for Modi without knowing much about him. It is still mysterious. In tamilNadu, esp, there is no choice- It's either Amma (AIADMK) or Appa (KArunanidhi). People dont care whether they ally with Congress or BJP. All they care is the state leadership. In Maharashtra, MNS is creating havoc while Congress is playing with farmers lives. In Haryana, Hooda of the congress is doing a good job, but the same people elected Chautala for 5 times who has always been corrupt.

It is very difficult o gauge a rural voter and even more shocking that urban voter percentage is low. If urbans are educated and aware, they dont perform the duty of voting simply because one feels what is the use? Escaping never helps.

In karantaka, lingayat, vokkaliga, gowda..In AP, Kapu, naidu, reddy community, in Bihar, dalits, OBC, Yadav etc and so on...Practically every state has 100's of castes and caste based leaders. For people, it doesnt matter what progress is done or not..all they care is caste based leaders. When will this mindset change? Of course, an Indian voter has also been smart. They elected some great leaders back into power because they were satisfied with their performance (Several examples can be quoted)

For the first time in 2004, a government campaigned for a better India, but state level politics destroyed the vision. It is 2009 and once again what is in the game is not political party, but Indian mind which is as unpredictable as stock market indices.

Even in this election, for some economy, for some national security, for some caste would matter. The fact that people think differently is not a problem, the fact that there is too much heterogenity in thinking is the problem. The scattered and unique thinking of each person creates far more confusion.

People across several states feel whichever party is ruling their state, vote for thae same so that they can rule the center and thereby their state will progress. For an Indian mind, memory is sharp, but short lived. An Indian mind forgets important good and sad events and vote what is more important at that instant. On the eve of national elections, last time, in 2004 Aaj Tak carried a report in which they asked a very well educated family - "What are you doing on the elction day? Did you vote?" and the frank answer the person gave was "Today is a holiday. I am enjoying with my family in Khandala". If educated people shy away like this, the rural vote will dominate. It is very easy to lure rural votes by giving them money or at times simply loan waivers. They dont care about industries, water, electrcity, roads, economy..nothing..

Media too has played a negative role. How many times have you seen media even telling citizens to rise and vote above caste lines? They keep discussing which leaders represent what castes and so on..which further poisons the mind of a voter and makes him/her feel very negative about the political scene.

This country's election has turned out to be an aggregration of states...It is not good at all.

Let's see a month from now as to how the voting will be done.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

States which can suprise and give more seats to Congress

Although I am not anti-Congress (because Congress has given some of the finest politicians who have ruled our country be it Sardar, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, Lal Bahadur or even Narasimha Rao..), the Congress under Sonia Gandhi is at its worst. Manmohan Singh truly is not a leader but just an economist and the country needs a tough leader not just an academician who has no control over any ministry. Just visualize the reality...We are surrounded by neighbours who have enough ammunition and terrorists who can attack our country whenever and wherever they can. There is a huge economic crisis and there is a huge job loss scenario and most importantly inflation is hurting everyone...The reforms have been stalled. We have virtually gone backwards. We dont need academicians but tough leaders and now Advani seems to be a better choice.

Leaving our country with the highest deficit levels seen last in 1991 is the biggest disastrous contribution by the UPA. Yet, certain states can spring in surprises and bring back the Congress to govern once again and it will be the most unfortunate thing to see. There is really no bright leader which can inspire me in Congress other than Priyanka Vadra. Rahul is just a dummy leader who doesnt have enough political acumen and is merely a hype created by the media which is always fanatic about him.

The states are:
PUNJAB - There is a strong undercurrent of Pro-Congress
RAJASTHAN - surely will win more than the BJP
KERALA & WEST BENGAL - sure to devastate Left.
JHARKHAND - last time did very well...This time too will do well
Andhra pradesh

if my prediction is true then no one shall stop Congress from coming to power.
The fact is if Left can get considerable number of seats in West Bengal and Kerala, BJP will really have a chance to come to power. This scenario appears rather slim