Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Kandhahar hijack response - Congress accusation is outrageous

For the past 2 or 3 months, Congress party has been repeatedly using Kandhar tragedy to tell people that BJP was weak in that they released terrorists but they captured Kasab.

Firstly, it is foolish to make a statement like this. There was no terrorist demand made during Mumabi 26/11 unlike Kandahar. Secondly, in releasing the terrorists, it was agreed upon by all parties in an all party meeting of which Manmohan singh, Sonia Gandhi others were present.

Have a look at how many terrorists did Congress surrender:

December 1989
Just as the newly sworn-in home minister in the V.P. Singh cabinet, Mufti Mohammed Sayeed was in the midst of his first meeting with officials in North Block, news reached him that his daughter Rubaiya had been kidnapped by militants.
SETTLEMENT: Six days later, 8 separatists including Pakistan-trained Sher Khan, Noor Mohammed Kalwal, Altaf Ahmad and Javed Ahmed Jargar were released.

JKSLF activists kidnapped Nahida Imtiaz, daughter of National Conference MP Saifuddin Soz
SETTLEMENT: Pakistan-trained secessionist Mushtaq Ahmed released.
DECISION MAKER: Chandra Shekhar

August 1991
Indian Oil executive director K. Doraiswamy kidnapped in Srinagar by Ikhwan-ul-Muslimeen.
SETTLEMENT: Release of nine militants including Javed Shalla who was charged with the killings of Kashmir University vice-chancellor Mushir-ul-Haq and HMT general manager H.L. Khera
DECISION MAKER: Home Minister S.B. Chavan

Sep-Oct 1993
40 armed JKLF militants occupied the holy Hazratbal shrine and held nearly 170 civilians hostage for six weeks.
SETTLEMENT: Militants given safe passage on the understanding that they will give themselves up to the local police and not the army, and their bail applications will not be contested. In six months all were freed and escaped.
DECISION MAKER: P.V. Narasimha Rao

Taken from india today archives(

How does Congress answer these?

One needs to understand that the public pressure brought Congress to act swiftly and that is why they passed National Security Act. It was the same public pressure that made the government listen to terrorist demands in 1999. What could the govt have done in the wake of too much public outcry. It was close to New Year celebration. India totally had lost touch with Afghanistan since 1996. There was no diplomacy possible as there was no govt in Afghanistan (whom would govt negotiate with?).

It was the first time an air hijack happened in our country and we neither had suitable law nor forces to take quick action because of public pressure. It was definitely very bad and unfortunate that the External Affairs minister Jaswant Singh had to escort these terrorists ,and indeed ,the action is questionable. But the action per se to release terrorists was agreed upon by all parties.

Day and night on all media channels were showing pics and narrating tales of families asking govt to release terrorists. The govt was stormed by the media and public. Such an outburst had put immense pressure. But look at what Congress govt did. DId they have to wait for such a brutal attack on 26/11 to take action? They must have done in the wake of serial train blasts in Mumbai. The govt slept and allowed terrorists to attack city after city and took no action. With a careless home minister headed by a spinessless PM led by non-accountable Sonia Gandhi converted the ambience into a total mess with inaction. Today, they compare Mumabi with Kandhar...How stupid and insane can the comparison be?

This was what Hom Minister Chidamabaram said very recently:

"I do not know how I would have reacted if 150 familes came to my door and pleaded that their loved ones in that aircarft must be saved. It is easy to criticise but if one is in that position, it is a very difficult decision," he said at the NDTV's 'Indian of the Year' Awards function held on January 21 (Wednesday)

Will Congress understand what their own govt's minister said?


Pratik Shah said...

How do two wrongs make a right? Just because Congress did it, does it become acceptable if BJP does it? Does Congress [or any other party] lose the right to bring out issues, just because they also are guilty of doing the same?

The real issue is what BJP [and Congress] did -- that is release known dangerous terrorist heads -- directly endangering lives of thousand [millions?] others, just to get out of a sticky situation --- rather than just who is accusing whom here.

As they say, let us concentrate on the issue and not the person who is raising the issues.

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