Wednesday, April 8, 2009

States which can suprise and give more seats to Congress

Although I am not anti-Congress (because Congress has given some of the finest politicians who have ruled our country be it Sardar, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, Lal Bahadur or even Narasimha Rao..), the Congress under Sonia Gandhi is at its worst. Manmohan Singh truly is not a leader but just an economist and the country needs a tough leader not just an academician who has no control over any ministry. Just visualize the reality...We are surrounded by neighbours who have enough ammunition and terrorists who can attack our country whenever and wherever they can. There is a huge economic crisis and there is a huge job loss scenario and most importantly inflation is hurting everyone...The reforms have been stalled. We have virtually gone backwards. We dont need academicians but tough leaders and now Advani seems to be a better choice.

Leaving our country with the highest deficit levels seen last in 1991 is the biggest disastrous contribution by the UPA. Yet, certain states can spring in surprises and bring back the Congress to govern once again and it will be the most unfortunate thing to see. There is really no bright leader which can inspire me in Congress other than Priyanka Vadra. Rahul is just a dummy leader who doesnt have enough political acumen and is merely a hype created by the media which is always fanatic about him.

The states are:
PUNJAB - There is a strong undercurrent of Pro-Congress
RAJASTHAN - surely will win more than the BJP
KERALA & WEST BENGAL - sure to devastate Left.
JHARKHAND - last time did very well...This time too will do well
Andhra pradesh

if my prediction is true then no one shall stop Congress from coming to power.
The fact is if Left can get considerable number of seats in West Bengal and Kerala, BJP will really have a chance to come to power. This scenario appears rather slim


Pratik Shah said...

I agree with the general consensus. These states are expected to bring back UPA back to power, however unfortunate it might be. However, its not going to be a surprise, as most opinion polls already suggest that. The only change that could potentially thwart the plans is the Tytler & Sikhs uprising in Punjab. A shoe can hopefully make the difference that swords & pens couldn't !!

Ajit said...

Even though I am a strong supporter of BJP, not as much as i was in 1998. when BJP was a "Party with Difference". still, i would prefer to see Congress forming a govt rather than Mayavathi,karat(who say they don't believe in religion and yet openly making an alliance with a terrorist group in kerala.) or guys like Pawar.

Hope this election swings either towards BJP or Congress rather than a verdict which might show us a day like IPL auction. only difference would be, netas being sold for 5 year contract rather than cricketers. that will be the most shameful day after 1999 kandhahar incident.

Anonymous said...

No worries in Orissa, after election BJD and BJP will combine again.

This was a game to break Cong in Orissa and they are success in their plan

Anonymous said...

i dont agree with your saying manmohan singh is one of the finest statesman has done extremely well in all fronts,from bringing diplomatic pressure on nasty neighbours to handling the economic affairs. the fiscal defcit is here to stay as our economy is driven by subsidies and sops, lets ot forget even vajpayee govt also professed the subsidy way.Manmohan singh as PM again will definitely pave way for better governance. amongst all the pm candidates i rate Manmohan as a person wiht clean non corruptive non biased untainted track record.

ANKUR said...

wel,things have changed now and i see hopeful to see nda cuming back 2 power now