Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Why is Congress sending confusing signals to the electorate?

If there is one party that must be happy that it is doing good in Lok Sabha polls, it is the Congress. Yet, ironically, Congress has been sending real confusing signals.

Look at these:

1)On one hand, they talk of Jayalalitha and on the real ground have allied with DMK
2)On one hand, Congress esp Rahul Gandhi says he will support Left if they win 170-180 seats and says that Left will support congress if they fall short of majority. This at a time when they are fighting together with TMC which is Left's main enemy
3) He praises Nitish Kumar upsetting Lalu and Paswan. It is a joke where at the Center Lalu and Paswan share the ministry with Congress while are fighting against each other in Bihar.
4) He praises Naidu when his own party leader YSR is doing pretty good in Andhra Pradesh.
5) Congress secretly is trying to woo Mayawati and their relationship with Samajwadi is like an on/off state...some days it is at its best and some days it is at its worst.

And lastly, it looks like Congress is too nervous. Are they looking for new allies or retaining existing allies? The biggest blunder Congress has done is not fighting this election as an alliance. This is in fact the biggest risk it has taken.

While BJP can't gain in Kerala, West Bengal, COngress is still going very strong and may ultimately emerge as the winner.

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