Saturday, May 16, 2009

Graceful entry (MMS) and graceful exit(Advani)

In 2004, MMS became a PM by accident. I, initially, was very happy at the fact that the most qualified person to become PM was MMS and he did become. However, my dreams were shattered when he diluted Right to Information Act, allowed reservations, introduced farm loan waiver instead of restructuring it, and was silent on internal security reforms. One of the only things when I felt happy about him was when he was ready to sacrifice his govt for the sake of nuclear deal.

However, this time in 2009, the mandate was not for MMS ,although he gracefully enters this post because he was Congress's choice from the beginning. Manmohan also now matches Vajpayee record of twice to come to power on succession and the only non-Gandhi member to have become PM twice from the Congress party. The fact is Congress expanded at the expense of both Left and other regional parties like SP, BSP, TDP and AIADMK.

Mr. Advani showed what he really is in terms of commitment to public service and dignity when he chose to quit the post of Leader of the Opposition. He had resigned earlier when Jain Commission had charged him of hawala and chose not to contest until he is cleared. This time he admitted with humility the defeat and chose a graceful exit. Now, he will go down eternally as PM-in-waiting. He is definitely among those who have shown no lust for power, but a serious intention to do public service. Imagine Deve gowda (I am ashamed to bring this man into the picture while dealing with a dignified Advani)..who still contests, wins and aims to be PM again!!!

Advani definitely has done a great favor by publishing his autobiography giving us a lot of information about how our country has travelled since independence..

Although Advani was acerbic on MMS and vice versa...both have demonstrated extremely good public gesture when Advani said he would co-operate completely with him and MMS saying that he needs their support to run the country and come out of many challenges we are facing. I feel even Rahul Gandhi accepting the fact that Advani is a senior most person and that he fought a strong election was a good gesture on his part. I still remember when Advani told in a press interview that he once told Rahul that the situtation that should worry both BJP and Congressi s that both the national parties are not able to expand and regional parties continue to grow.

However, there are very few leaders who have maintained public decorum, decency, dignity and most importantly commitment to public life and to name a few include Nehru, Patel, Shastri, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, Vajpayee, Jai Prakash Narayan, Ram Manohar Lohia...and MMS of course.

These are some of the few leaders who stood beyond their party lines when it came to the nation. How can we forget when Advani told - "There are 2 moments in which I was elevated - one when Bangaldesh was liberated and second when country conducted its first test - both under Smt. Indira Gandhi.

We really miss such leaders - both in the Congress and BJP. These 2 are the only parties that can ensure a stable India.


Sudhir said...

Anjan good observations n comments but Iam really dissappointed with graceful exit of Mr.Advani from active politics.

My dream of seeing him as Prime Minister of India will remain a dream!!!

Anonymous said...

What good has he given to people.. all that he has given is hatred and enmity..

Its not graceful exit, its shameful exit... He deserves it

Am delighted to see MMS as our PM again..