Saturday, May 16, 2009

Great expectations from Manmohan

The good fact being that Manmohan can work more independently without the interference of the Left is a good news for the country. Now, in foreign policies, in increasing FDI caps on crucial sectors, Congress doesnt have to wait for Left's agreement. However, Manmohan Singh must increase the speed of reforms by introducing legislation on one side which improves social sector issues like education, water and electrcity while on the other hand changing economic policies such as disinvestment, reduction in red tapism etc.

This is where I feel Manmohan should retain Finance Ministry, while Chidambaram is better as a Home Minister. The young and dynamic Shashi Tharoor should be given External affairs Ministry while defence to Pranab.

The place where we need to really improve is in the basic infrastructure where Congress record has been dismal. Infrastructure has to grow and we need better railway system in terms of speed and better railway system that connects major cities. Of course, this is too far fledged to expect too quickly to happen, but can surely happen if Manmohan puts in right people. The fact that Congress can retain a majority of portfolios, it should be a positive sign for India. This unique opportunity lies in the fact that Manmohan must put in the right people.

When implementing social sector schemes, fiscal deficit managment is very crucial. As of now, we are in a deep financial mess and our fiscal deficit is too high only because we are spending too much on social sectors without making proper changes in the way they are implemented.

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