Sunday, August 10, 2008

The country gets its 8th IIT in PATNA, Bihar

There is a reason why I capitalized PATNA. This is unbelievable in the fact that Bihar has been lagging behind in every social and economic paramter in the country for almost 20 years now. Although the fact is also true that Bihar produces highest number of IAS and IPS officers.

After Nitish Kumar's entry as CM, Bihar is changing, changing for the better. The newest thing being IIT now opened in Patna and clasess have begun. With 3 courses - mechanical, computers and electrical- IIT has now been opened. This is a dream come true for everyone esp Biharis.

In the past few years, several educational institutes have been opened and next month National Institute of Fashin technology will be opened. Apart from this 9 Indian technical Institutes (ITI) are going to open this year (yes, not on paper, but in reality). These will give access to so many people that it is going to boost the image of the state.

Also, very recently the state organized a JOB Fair attracting all sorts of companies to come and attract the young Bihari graduates. Ref Article

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