Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Kerala takes the lead in health insurance

Keral will be the first state in the country to offer health insurance cover to the BPL and APL (i.e. Below Poverty line and Above Poverty Line) families.

11.79 lakh BPL families will get insurance - free of cost.
BPL families will have to pay Rs.30 registration fees and Rs.100 per year as premium and will get a coverage of Rs.30,00 for 5 members in the family. (The amount seems to be too less, but nevertheless at least certain basic medical requirements can be satisfied)

APL families will have to pay premium + smart card cost (biometric so that forgery is minimized) totalling Rs.550 per year as premium.

As it is from many sources it is known that government hospitals in Kerala are better off than rest of the country. The govt has tied with private hospitals to give better facilities in government hospitals.

I feel this is definitely the model that at least all states need to follow so that BPL section of the society at least gets medical cover.


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