Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Direct Deposit of pensions now on in Himachal and Madurai

One of the most corrupt cases in the country included the pension disbursement. Lakhs of government employees (retired) would travel from pillar to post for getting their hard earned pension. They would walk in the scorching heat and reach the Treasury office. The corrupt officials would never give them pension or would ask for bribe. This was the talk of the past.

Now, the entire state of Himachal Pradesh with its 80,000 odd employees will no longer have to visit the Treasury office. Their money will be directly credited to their bank accounts - localized banks which are going to act as Pension Disbursement Agencies (PDA). These banks would be nationalized banks.

This is definitely going to bring in transparency and comfort to people. Further, Himachal Pradesh govt has put the complete pension details online. So, now if an old person wants to see all his pension details like a pay stub he can do so online. If he doesn't have internet access, he can go to any cybercafe and check it. Remember, HP has 78% literacy and is one of the least corrupt states.

Here's the website.
On this website one can enter Pensioner PPO number and pension type and get the month wise pension paid. RBI has provided the software.

Following this, even Madurai has gone the same way.

Definitely, this is going to spread to other states as we Indians have a habit of looking at others and imitating them. This sort of imitation is going to be for the welfare of the people themselves.

Infact, Himachal is the first state to have wide area network upto Gram Panchayat level.


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