Monday, May 26, 2008

Articles on 4 year miserable rule of UPA led by Manmohan Singh

I sometimes wonder about 3 people - our PM Singh, Chidambaram, Montek Ahulwalia by asking - Were these the ones who opened the economy for reforms by taking bold initiatives? BJP out of compulsion and recognizing the fact that the approach of 1991 reforms was the best for the country chose it and changed its mindset about economics. The Congress took the approach also out of compulsion, but never did the reforms with force that would bring swift changes. If Narasimha Rao would not have supported, Dr. Singh would not have changed the country. Likewise, had Vajpayee intervened and removed Yashwant Sinha in the first few years of NDA, India would not have come on the growth trajectory.

The real problem is good people are tied up by the Left and Congress chairperson Sonia Gandhi who is not letting them to function properly. In fact, it is this particular facet which Narasimha Rao handled very aptly and sidelined Mrs. Sonia Gandhi. I really appreciate Narasimha Rao for giving a free run for reforms. On the contrast, Sonia Gandhi wants to ensure that she rules even if growth is hampered. If she was interested, she would have given full liberty to the dream team of economists to function. Alas, these intellectuals are pulled on one side by Mrs. Gandhi and on the other side by Left. In between is the country's growth caught.


Saakshi Dutta said...

Have a look at my take on the 4 years of UPA. The worst 4 years of India, I think the government is the most indecisive ever.

national lottery said...

I truly appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Even when after his defeat, with so many cases hanging around his neck, raising above political divide, he ensured that nuclear legacy is properly passed on to his successor. The partisan media and congress have dubbed as indecisive to push him out