Thursday, May 8, 2008

The new age of expressways in India -Part II

In the last series, I covered North to West and West to South. In this series I will cover South to East and East to North.

Before that in continuation of Series-I,
//Inauguration of Jaipur Kishangarh expressway - largest 6 lane expressway in India built by L&T
Here's the video links for Delhi-Gurgaon, Delhi-Noida from youtube
//India's largest Toll Plaza. The image below is that of the toll plaza
//8 lane Delhi-Gurgaon Expressway
//NDTV coverage of the 8 lane Delhi-Gurgaon Expressway. The reporter says that one exit leads to Domestic Airport while the other to International. Going straight will take u to Guragon
//Toll plaza from a different angle
//6 lane Noida-Greater Noida expressway
//6 lane Mumbai-Pune highway
//Watch the tunnel that comes via Pune-mumbai

South to East i.e Chennai to Kolkata

Just on April 8th, Chennai bypass road was inaugurated. This will now connect Chennai to Golden Quadrilateral without having to go via Chennai city...Good indeed!!! One can avoid local road traffic of Chennai. Tambaram is 27 km from chennai. Once this stretch is covered, one can easily get onto this bypass and go ahead on Golden Quadrilateral road of Chennai-Kolkata

This is the map of GQ from Chennai to Kolkata

The picture below is the new Chennai bypass that leads to GQ.
Now, from Chennai upto Ongole(Andhra Pradesh) 300 km is a 4 lane straight smooth road. This stretch passes via Nellore bypass(avoids Nellore traffic) and then goes to Rajmundry, Vishakapatnam and finally stops at Korlam (border between Orissa-AP). This stretch of about 100 km is still undone as of Mar 31, 2008. From here again smooth road leads to Bhuvaneshwar and stops again at bridge Sector OR-V. Then you have direct road to Kolkata.

Vishakapatnam roads are very good.
It must be noted that in most places GQ is 4 laned. However at several NH's that also intersect places in GQ is 6 laned and this is under construction.

The picture below is one of the stretches from Chennai to Kolkata
I believe Kolkata to Bhuvaneshwar road is very good as confirmed this article from the HINDU newspaper. The journalist says "In 2001 it took me 11 hours to drive this road, this time I could do the 450 km in just under five hours, which is an average short of a 100kph."

Continuing further, from Kolkata the road passes through Aurangabad, Varnasi, Kanpur, Agra and then reaches Delhi. This stretch has some more patch work left and is going on at brisk pace compared to Chennai-Kolkata.

This is the map from Kolkata to Delhi


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