Saturday, May 24, 2008

Bio metric PAN cards this year onwards

In order to solve the 13 lakh fraud PAN numbers and to prevent further, the Government approved the use of biometric PAN cards. The card will have iris and fingerprint to make it tamper proof. So far, in any part of the world wherever combination of both of these biometrics have been used the fraud rate is almost ZERO.

The existing users won't be forced, but the govt has advised to switch over in the citizens' interest so that no one misuses their PAN card.

The hick up though is the expense. The existing one costed Rs. 67 or something close to this figure while the biometric one will cost between Rs.200 and Rs.300. Cost is going to hinder, but I am sure people will go for it as PAN card has become very important for so many transactions ranging from purchasing cars to getting loans (all kinds). Everyday, their use as an identity is going northwards.

But biometric will go down a long way in curbing the PAN card fraud.

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