Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Country's largest e-governance rural connectivity project completed

In what is known as the country's largest e-governance rural connectivity program, Airtel was roped in by Narendra Modi to connect 8500 villages via VSAT so that video conferencing can be done. This has been completed and announced by Airtel. The E-gram project of this kind is the largest completed so far at the rural level.

As per this scheme, now video conferencing can be used to educate farmers, tell them about weather patterns etc via a centralized server beamed through Satellite. Iswariya and Galkotdi Gram Panychayat had a video conferencing with Modi to test the same. It is successful. Modi has asked Airtel to connect all 18,065 villages.

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Modi did a good job by roping in private company so that it is done at a quick pace. Now, Haryana and Punjab have asked Airtel to do the same.

This gives Airtel a good business and at the same time villages are benefited.

Of course, the real benefit will come only when villages have electricity. Gujarat has all its villages electrified under Jyotigram scheme - a scheme already under intense appreciation by economists across the country.

Already Modi addresses statewide public grievances via broadband from several places sitting in Gandhinagar. University of Manchester has designed the same and it is called S.W.A.G.A.T (Statewide Attention of grievances by Application of Technology).

Let's hope this spreads to across all villages in India.

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