Monday, May 19, 2008

Now, India becomes largest investor in EU surpassing China

In a reversal of trends, according to 2008 report, India surpasses China and Brazil in terms of investing in European Union(EU). All these years, EU has been the largest investor i.e largest source of FDI in India. Now, India surpasses China, Brazil as source of FDI into European Union.

Let's look at statistics:

Investments into EU:
2006, China invests 500 MILLION Euros, while in 2007 it is 1.5 BILLION EUROS
2006, India invests 500 MILLION Euros, while in 2007 it is 9.5 BILLION EUROS

This is a quantum jump. According to 37 member nation EU, if a country puts in FDI into EU it means that EU trusts that country very much in investor friendliness.

If the Indian investment into EU has reached in billions almost 7 times that of China, it means that EU trusts India more.

This is good news. This already follows $11 billion acquisition of Dutch steel giant Chorus by Tata.


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jina said...

This is exhilarating Mr. Rising Citizen!