Monday, April 14, 2008

Who is Karunanidhi to destroy old rituals of his state?

Look at this article. After reading it, I am contemplating - should I laugh or be serious? Karunanidhi virtually seems to be the "POPE" of all temples in TamilNadu. How can he ban reading Panchanga and change the celebration of Tamil New Year to a new date? Just to satisfy hegemony of Tamil over Sanskrit? Why rake such old issues and destroy the freedom of practice followed by people for centuries? Who has given the right to change such policies?

Even the most communal politician will not think of committing an act like this. Why blame an atheist for these? I blame the people of TamilNadu who have elected a leader just for promising free TV sets for everyone if elected. Has TV become more important than bread, butter, water and electricity? The fanaticism of the general public has shocked me. I fully not blame TamilNadu as even politicians in Karnataka seem to be following this..Shame!!

Why should the state interfere in religion? Take the other classic example. Left Govt has ordered that women must be allowed in Shabarimala. Who has asked Left to do this? Is it so much concerned about women being banned in a temple? Are there no other problems for Keralite women? If women in Shabarimala or across South India have no issues over it,why government is so interested? Jayalalitha passed the law banning conversions. The anti-conversion bill has some merit, if not absolutely necessary given the gamut of problems the state is facing. The bill was passed because several missionaries wanted the dalits to convert into Christianity for a good life. I question this..If church has to do something good for dalits, why ask them to change their religion? Does acceptance of Jesus bring in fortunes and acceptance of Rama bring in misery? The bill helped prevent at least mass conversions for a wrong cause.

I agree that Shiv Sena is against many celebrations like Valentine Day. It is equally bad for them to condemn a celebration which people have the freedom to do so.

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