Thursday, April 24, 2008

BJP's manifesto for Karnataka's elections:

What's most interesting in the manifesto is the direct election of Mayor by the people. This is on the lines of New York City. It is good if it happens because people then don't have to depend on State Government which is apathetic to citizens' woes. Secondly, because Mayor is directly elected by people the Mayor has to work else will have to go. Compared to other cities, Bangalore citizens vote with lot of sensibility. They are pretty aware of their problems and what their local corporators have done and what not. So, this will help a long way in ensuring that only the right Mayor will continue in power.

The second most interesting part is classification of Karnataka into 3 zones and primary emphasis being given to each of them. This will help in the long way to ensure that each zone progresses in the respective expertise.

Everything else seem to suggest populist approaches more than real ones to solve problems. Karnataka's BJP unit has to learn a lot from its counterpart in Gujarat. It will earn lot of accolades from everyone in the state.

I can't understand the need for a cyber cafe if there is no electrification in villages. The BJP unit must learn from its own party in Gujarat and say they will do a "Jyothigrama" even in Karnataka by which all villages will get 24 hour power supply. They should attempt do this daunting task than just promising "free electricity". It is possible as our electricity generating capacity exceeds that of Gujarat.

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