Saturday, April 12, 2008

Double standards by Left on US reports of Human rights violation in India

The Left parties are pretty good at double standards. First, it rejects any deal with US. Then comes out in support of discussions in IAEA. First, they say they will withdraw support if Congress goes ahead with talks with IAEA. Then, they decide to go back.

Similarly - D.Raja, Sitaram Yechury, Harkikrishen Singh Surjeet, A.P. Bardhan, Gurucharan Das - are all of the same breed. Keep doing anything to keep BJP away. They consider BJP as moral untouchables.

When a statement on Godhra came out by US, Left started telling to BJP that even US criticizes BJP led Modi. So he must resign. Now, when a similar statement on Nandigram erupts, Left parties say that US cannot interfere in the internal matters. What a doublespeak!!! US was Left's friend w.r.t Godhra, but an enemy w.r.t Nandigram.

The Left keeps telling that they are morally right. Even the Congress which must have raised voices over Nandigram did not do anything. Did it think of imposing Article 356 when violence had reached its peak? It did not. So, how can Congress accuse BJP of not imposing such an article in Gujarat?

Nandigram or Godhra - both are highly deplorable and condemnable. Both equally constitute Human Rights Violation. There was massacre in both events.

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