Saturday, April 12, 2008

TV NEWS channels - double standards and biased reports

Media channels be it Aaj Tak, CNN-IBN, NDTV - all never miss an opportunity to create sensationalism w.r.t 2002 Godhra riots. But when it comes to Nandigram, no media is carrying any report whatsoever.

Barkha Dutt, Rajdeep Sardesai, Sagarika Ghosh - all are pretty busy bashing Modi for Godhra,but what about Left parties for Nandigram?

No media is even allowed to cover Nandigram. Such is the level of goondaism being followed in Nandigram by CPM cadres. So, why media is not raising any voice? Media largely covers Gujarat Govt's idea of stopping Aaj Tak telecast in gujarat when Tehelka expose was doing rounds. The same media remains silent when the Left parties never allowed journalists to capture everything going there.

Why can't they make this a huge issue? Why media is interested to show only one bloody tale and not the other?

No wonder all media channels are targeting BJP and showering praises on Congress. Take the nuclear deal. Report after report TV channels specially NDTV and CNN IBN continues to call BJP's opposition to nuclear deal as double standard. BJP from day one has clarified that if the right to test nuclear weapons is not compromised they will support the deal. Is this not a valid point? It is...So, why media calls BJP as doublespeak? Can't understand!!! Where is doublespeak when there is only one speak on the matter?

Model Nafisa Joseph's suicide is given more coverage than suicides. Which is the priority to news channels? How many news channels even cover Agricultural conferences and discuss its impact? While on the other hand 100's of journalists cover Fashion programs. At least print media is doing a good job. If any citizen trusted news channels, it would be far worse and be counter productive. News channels spread more misinformation, create unnecessary hype than correct and debatable information. How much does the news channel cover about what solutions are proposed by National Commission of Farmers? How many news channels have even interviewed M.S Swaminathan and asked his opinion on solving agricultural problems?

Even when development issues were the election issues by Narendra Modi, CNN-IBN continuously targetted Modi for Godhra. How many journalists were even interested to show the pro's and cons of his development work? The responsible media must have brought about where the policies have failed instead of saying there was no development at all. They didn't even bother to say how Jyothigram was envisioned and implemented. They didn't show where it is failing and what must be done to further improve. Why always present negative side? Because that brings make them TRP's and money.

Is the media even doing the job of showing success stories across the country in several matters? They don't. All they want to show is colossal failure of everything. And only during elections the media wakes up and starts looking at that region going to elections.

Media keeps blaming Sohrabuddin statement of Modi. Okay, good. Why the same media is silent over Afzal who carried out Parliament attack? Does media have two yardsticks to measure crimes?

Day and night they keep telecasting gruesome crime stories and events about a 100 times. Seeing those images so many times disturb people. Why should they show it everytime? Is it that more they show, more people will react? No, people will change their channels ignoring the crime because it continues to haunt them.

When there was a murder of a girl in Gujarat due to involvement of some college staff, CNN-IBN carries a report is Modi's statement that Gujarat is safe for women valid? While the fact is Gujarat has the least crime record for women. Why can't media carry the same report on Delhi and question Sheila Dikshit everytime?

On the other hand, when media blames BJP for Godhra and fails to use the same harsh language on Left parties on Nandigram is a clear indication of how biased has the media become today.

How irresponsible can media be? They have taken journalism to a whole new nadir. Does media cover good things happening in rural india? Does media ever highlight Bhoomi, eseva, ITC e-choupal, Gyandhoot, Yashaswini Rural health scheme, Polam Badis, Education Guarantee scheme, Jyothigram etc? Does media show how NGO's have solved water problems in Gujarat ? When you show this, at least people get a ray of hope that the country is changing. These things should be shown again and again so that positive hopes and confidence is instilled in people's mind.

Media is busy projecting communalism as secularism and vice versa.

As an enlightened citizen, I urge to all readers of this article to stop concluding anything from channels like NDTV, CNN-IBN, Aaj Tak who have become experts of passing strident remarks over non-issues and dividing the society very next to politicians. It is becoming a disturbing ambiance because media always projects only side of the story. Of course, this does not mean media is not doing a good job. It is. The conclusions drawn by journalists like Rajdeep Sardesai, Karan Thapar, Barkha Dutt and Sagarika Ghosh are all biased and every citizen must not take their conclusions and opinions as "unquestionable truths".

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