Monday, April 14, 2008

A viewer of NDTV asking Congress the following 38 questions

1. Who created Bhinderanwale?
2. Who was responsible for Nellie (Assam) massacre?
3. Who ordered the IPKF misadventure leading to the death of 1,000 Indian soldiers in Lanka?
4. Who opened the locks at Ram Janambhoomi?
5. Who was responsible for Bofors scam?
6. Why Quatrocchi was never arrested?
7. Why did we lose Kashmir to Pakistan?
8. Why were intelligence reports regarding Chinese aggression in 1962 ignored?
9. Why is the government silent on recent Chinese incursions into India?
10. Who has played vote bank politics to allow Bangladeshis into India?
11. Why was army not allowed to flush out Pakistanis from Kashmir completely?
12. Why did Congress government embark on a NAM crusade and later spit on it by voting against Iran?
13. Why did Congress not act along with US and others to curb Chinese aggression of Tibet?
14. Why are Sino-Indian war documents still secret?
15. Why did Congress return Lahore without asking for Kashmir in exchange at Tashkent?
16. Why did Congress impose emergency?
17. Why were those responsible for emergency atrocities never charged?
18. Why there is silence on Netaji's disappearance?
19. Why isn't a single Congressman still punished for the Sikh Riot case?
20. Why were terrorists released in exchange of Mufti Mohammed Syed's daughter?
21. Would the Congress take responsibility for any further deaths in IC-814 if Jaswant Singh had not got the terrorists released?
22. Why is the Congress not putting 10 questions to Sharad Pawar when farmers are dying everyday?
23. Why did the Congress take back Sukh Ram back in the party when he was found guilty in a huge Telecom Scam?
24. Why couldn't the home ministry prevent the bomb blasts in UP, Hyderabad and Mumbai?
25. Why is the Congress sleeping over the Naxal issue?
26. Why is the Congress so quiet on Narandra Modi after admonishing publicly before the elections?
27. Why doesn't it allow its prime minister to work independently keeping him at the mercy of 10 Janpath?
28. Why was Rahul Gandhi promoted to the post of General Secretary of the party when the party lost three elections of which he was the star campaigner?
29. Why is it silent on Nandigram?
30. Why did price rise not figure on its agenda till the election year?
31. Why have prices risen phenomenally in the last four years?
32. Why was Operation Rhino in Assam suspended (against ULFA)?
33. Who dismissed the most number of governments in states, which were in opposition to the Congress?
34. Who has called Lord Rama a myth?
35. Why has Dawood not been terminated?
36. Why are super cops who terminate gundas, being sidelined?
37. In whose reign have most scams occurred?
Who betrayed India's long time friend Iran, bowing to US and voted against it at the UN?

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