Thursday, April 3, 2008

Smriti irani's re-entry into Kyunki...

In my previous article, I had mentioned about Smriti Irani's exit from Kyunki. Gautami gadgil started essaying this role from then on. She was too bad in the beginning, but later improved. She never was a match to Smriti as Tulsi.

People still watched Kyunki for Hiten and Gauri. However, the fact that Gautami took all criticism and acted to her fullest conviction for full 8 months needs a thundering applause. She began to improve much later. Smriti's fiery eyes, her expression, thappad (slaps) - never can be done by anyone other than Smriti herself. Gautami could not mimic her. In several of her interviews, Gautami told she can never match Smriti and it was her biggest professional risk ever.

No one knows what transpired between Ekta and Smriti that they split and came together again. Some say money, some say prestige and ego issues. There has been only rumour and speculation and no confirmation for sure. The best part is both have never revealed and chose to be quiet. It is good politics and diplomacy.

So, it's back for me and thousands of viewers to glue to TV sets to watch the new twist by which Smriti will re-enter. At this point, it is really unbelievable as to how the twist will uncover itself.

Here's the videos: (Taken from

Here is the entire conference of Kyunki in which Ekta Kapoor,Smriti Irani,Nivedita Basu n Star Creative Director Anupama were there...




The first clip is wherein Star News for the first time confirmed Smriti's return with Smriti's quote "Khush hoon vapasi se"


2nd Clip is again of Star News wherein they had got Rakhi Sawant on phone line expressing her views on Smriti's return..


3rd Clip is of Baa talking on Smriti's entry n Gautami's exit..


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Rashmi said...

Good to see your blog well managed Ree.

Hmm with the comeback of Smriti.Kyunki might do well again.
But I wonder how come Ba is Still alive.