Monday, April 7, 2008

Rahul Gandhi is not as smart as Rajiv Gandhi

Just before 1984 and the death of Indira Gandhi, Rajiv became active in politics. He was inexperienced, but had a mass appeal wherever he went. Rajiv had little political experience and hence his handling of NE crisis, Punjab and Sri Lanka caught him on the wrong foot. He had to withdraw and change many decisions. He can still be given an exception because he did not have any public experience before 1984, although was active for a very short span. Unlike him, Rahul has been active for 4 years now, but is just a crowd puller. The crowds have not converted itself into votes for him.

His inexperience combined with no new real fire in his speeches has made him an insipid politician. When he went to tribal areas in Orissa he spoke that Rajiv had promised to do something for them and the state government has not been able to do so and so people must vote for Congress party. Also, his speeches during UP elections were so immature. His reference to demolition of Babri Masjid, what Indira and Rajiv have done are all matters of the bygone era. He is not talking what he wants to do. He is not talking how he wants to do. He is just raising voices w.r.t farm loan waiver, Tribal Act and not doing much. He is not able to influence much of the voter base. Why should the youth vote him? Just for his age, just for his charm (physical beauty) or just that he is a Gandhi scion? I would want to vote for someone who has experience on serious issues or has clear cut strategy for complex problems we are facing today. Age does not necessarily lead to efficiency. Vajpayee even in 80's had a skill of negotiating even the toughest political outfit with ease. Advani in his 70's could make Bush very serious because of his hard and straight speeches. Chidambaram has been able to capture minds of middle class. Kapil Sibal is no match for anyone in the BJP except Arun Jaitley. Milind Deora who is in his 30's is still not creating an impact although he was chosen during the last elections. So, given these realities, age is definitely not the first factor to consider.

His youthfulness is a positive factor, but his naive speeches, unclear vision surpasses many experienced leaders like Advani, Manmohan Singh or Chidambaram. This does not mean the young don't need time. They do. However, looking at Rahul Gandhi, it is really sad. He has been now in active politics for almost 4 years,but wherever he has gone, he has not been able to connect with the common man. Old rhetroic and no vision is only taking him away from people.

Take it from me...The next election is between 40 year old Rahul v/s 80 year old Advani. Advani is a more mature, seasoned politician. He has answers to everything and even at this age, he is more active than his friend Vajpayee. Advani is energetic, fiery, and sound in judgment. Rahul Gandhi has also not been in any ministry so that one can judge his performance. Yet, he is going to be projected as PM and he will win, although I don't want him as the complex situation we are in require tough leaders and not amateur ones.

Whatever be my writing today, a year from now I will be writing- addressing him as PM despite my dislike for Rahul Gandhi. Sadly, I will also be regretting that BJP will never come back at the Centre.

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Ajit kumar said...

I don't think rahul gandhi is a primer ministerial candidate for this year's election. yes, he will certainly be one in next election. again a dummy candidate would come in from congress's end. but this time, 90% chances are there of congress not winning or getting majority even with their alliances. with aging Advani, bad leaders like Rajnath singh coming up rather than ones like Modi, Arun jatley.... things not looking fine in this time's election