Sunday, June 10, 2007

UPA Govt - Symbolizing Darkness -3 years celebration(May 22)

Today, the PM of our country Manmohan Singh celebrated 3 years of UPA's existence in the country. It is one of those govts which is headed by a spineless PM with 2 power centres where one is the puppet(Manmohan) and the other controller(Sonia), where anybody can enter and exit and every such person requires the permission of Sonia and not the PM. The house loan interest rates have changed from 6%(during BJP) to 12% and I am feeling the pain(I think many of you also are feeling) like every other middle class man. The prices of everything has shot up and infaltion is about 7-8%. This is the worst you can think of. A government which cannot keep up to the expectations of a common man, is claiming itself to be "Aaam Aadmi" ki sarkar.
The infrastructure program started by BJP(which Congress could not do in 50 years, BJP just did not plan, but implemented excellently) is put aside or in other words into trash. Just imagine Sonia wanted to remove Vajpayee's photo on new Highway roads(which is so wrong, because there are many things named after Sanjay,Indira and Rajiv Gandhi. This infrastructure was started under the vision of Vajpayee. Sonia believes that only Gandhi family members are the true patriots of the country). Just imagine Sonia Gandhi wanted to rename Hyderabad International airport as Rajiv Gandhi Airport while the entire Andhra Pradesh government wanted it to be named after NTR. This is the kind of hypocrisy she has played. She manipulated politics of Jharkhand, Bihar and Goa by doing a indira Gandhi style of functioning of forcing governors to reject all other parties other than Congress to give a chance to rule. People and media call her "greatest leader after Jhansi". Such autocratic leaders claim themselves to be upholders of secularism...Wow!! What a funny picture of our country we are seeing.

So, I am celebrating 3 years of Dark Age of India..and lamenting for another 2 years of dark age.

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