Saturday, June 23, 2007

Response to "Are Brahmins Dalits of Today?"

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My comments:

For me this article or facts mentioned in it are not new. What is new is the statistics about the facts. It is a well known fact that when Ambedkar framed this constitution, he had mentioned that reservation was to be updated or changed once the so called "Dalits" would be brought into the main stream of the society. Unfortunately, Congress has been using Dalits as a vote bank and subsequently every other party. It is Congress which has to be blamed for its rampant usage. This is true esp with Indira Gandhi.

The real reservation has its purpose served only when economic conditions are taken into account. It is unfortunate that so many educated students are not able to make it to the top institutes just because they belong to upper caste while so many Dalits who are not educated, but still rich make it to elite institutions.

If one reads the impact of 50 years of Reservation that Karan Thapar once asked HRD Minister Arjun Singh (who started all this OBC Reservation), he mentions that not even 50% of SC/ST for whom reservation was implemented have been benefited. The reason - poor implementation. When such a system has not worked at all, why do it worse by including some more in it. This is a game being played by Congress (Sonia) who has lost Muslim votes, Hindu votes and only chunk of people who can bring majority to Congress is the OBC. So started pacifying them. It is only Congress which can cleverly play such politcal cards.

Some of my friends raised this point that economic criteria judgement is a herculaean task given the fact anybody can show he is rich or poor by faking documents. In our country, yes, it is possible and is a fact. If indeed economic criteria is impractical and caste is the only way to judge, injustice will continue to exist with one section of the society while other gets justice. Which means poor, upper caste guy continues to suffer against rich lower caste guy. The reservation must have its own limit. The sections of the society which have been to subjected to oppression must be given justice. Until the person completes his/her bachelor's degree, let reservation be a right to those Dalits who were oppressed for so many years and even now have no access to basic amenties and at the same time upper caste who are also economically weak.

Higher education like M.Tech(any degree beyond bachelors) must be given to those who are meritorious(now I am not telling/talking abt any caste..only skill set). In such a case, the fees must be such that poor people can afford(irrespective of caste). If the downtrodden sections of the society still have no access to such skill sets, the govt must take initiative to help them by giving free training. So, now, we can bring fair competition amongst everyone irrespective of caste. By helping those who are economically weak (irrespective of caste) gives the society a healthy competitive environment. Government should ask NGO's or private institutions to train such people and give them incentives.

Every caste and category..OBC,SC/ST must enjoy equal rights as that of others, but, merit must have its role. This way we can make weaker and lower class people get social freedom and a chance to reach new heights which only a few sections of the society continued to enjoy for centuries.

Reservation should not be continued on a rationale which believes that OBC/SC/ST should continue to rule for centuries because the Brahmins oppressed them for centuries.

The day is not far off when a citizen has to carry Caste Certificate and not any other document with him/her. Hotels, theatres will have reservation too. The first 10 seats for OBC, the second for SC/ST and only the last 5 rows for General Merit.

Restaurants will have the hoarding - "Please hurry 5 tables are left for OBC's, Merit people will have to wait" and Merit will not be allowed to occupy those vacant 5 tables.

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