Sunday, June 10, 2007

Timeline of disasters in 2006

Have you ever gone through the timeline of natural disasters occured since
Jan 2005? I heard on some telegu news channel and even the so called
almanac/panchanga stated that year 2005(starting from Ugadi festival in 2005
to 2006 Ugadi ) will be ruled by planet Saturn whose number is 8(as
universally accepted by German, American, British and Indian numerlogists).
Saturn rule symbolises unexpected destruction and maximum devastation. In
the Hindu mythology, Saturn is given the powers to inflict damage on anyone
and everyone it thinks.

Does all this make any sense? Yes, it does from the following dates and
corresponding events:

1.July 26th Tue - Unprecendented rains in Mumbai....Never expected of that
2. Aug 26th - Hurricane Katrina becomes a tropical storm and hits US..
3. Oct 8th -Sat - Earthquake hits India, pak and Afghanistan...causing
maximum damage and the intensity that was seen in way back in 1860...

Of course, Dec 26th Tsunami is an exception,however, not its date. This was
least expected.....

Conclusion: All these dates end up in number 8. This indicates Saturn.
Well, people who don't want to believe in all this..just forget..try
answering one question- "CAN NATURE's FURY EVER BE CONTROLLED"......What
happened to these words-"Man is the creator of his destiny...It is his
actions which decide his success or failure"
Did man's action come into play here...Aren't there powers controlling human
and human thought....Did anyone amongst those dead ever think that their
lives were going to end up like that? Everyone would have been optimistic of
a new better life on these days....
LESSON: Don't always think you win because you have the will to win.. You
need some other force's assistance to fulfill ur wishes...Which is that
force?I call it GOD, some call it DESTINY...some nothing..I wouldn't agree
to "nothing:"...

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Rashmi said...

Very good analysis ree Anjan.

I totally agree with your statement "Don't always think you win because you have the will to win",
We surely need a assisting power to win and even I ll name it as "GOD".