Sunday, June 10, 2007

Response to CNN Article on India's condition

Here's the article and my response below:

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It's an interesting article..It's not new to me..I have read such articles. The problem with our country is existence of dependency upon a higher/upper level even at the most local/decentralized level for everything. The lack of political will compounded with rampant corruption has made a mess. People are willing to give because ministers are ready to get bribed and ministers ask because there are people who give. The inherent nature of a citizen's mind to get a work done which he/she is aware cannot be done without money is the root cause. Poverty is not an isolated issue. It has to be solved amidst a whole lot of other things. When you create infrastructure, you bring in labour, money and progress. The infrastructure leads to industrialization and commercialization. This speedy process was done when BJP was in power and that's why the country had a very good direction. Lakshs of people were employed and got wages. There was a flow of money and investment.

Lack of responsibility and a lack of sense of accountability have made people in power play with everything. Half the middle class won't vote. They consider they have no choice. Rural people vote anyone who gives them money/shelter for a temporary period. When people can think of enjoying hill stations on the election day, u can understand the apathy of the intellectual society in our country. The literate never want to vote - who can drive out such power hungry hypocrats? The political leadership need to implement visions which have already been envisioned by experts, technicians, bureacrats and engineers(We already have files/reports that can take us 100 years ahead of America..No one wants to open and implement). With each one only surviving for power, the vista of the progress is doomed. Any democatic body has 2 eyes, even if one goes blind, the body is useless - 1)citizens 2)those who rule citizens...In India, both are blind. No one wants to open eyes and each one beleives the body is theirs. The brain is the will of the poltical leadership. The legs are the labor force which are alone doing work. we need to get all this right.

Howver, there are several cases of development that u get to see at Panchayat level - much more than urban level (The article doesn'r point such good points). The article bluntly forgets that and poverty cannot be eliminated will implicitly happen when explicitly infrastructure falls in place and more decentralization is placed at the bottom levels of governance. If we can't remove such ministers, then their dependency must be reduced. The increased dependency is like increasing quantity of poison on a patient. I am, and all of us as Indians must be happy that this dependency is slowly reducing because of competition and private players entry. We need to ensure it goes on fast enough. That's the only best way I see to get out of this complex dilapidated nature of our republic.

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