Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sonia Gandhi and Presidential Elections 2007

I remember 2 phrases/sentences before I begin this. 1) Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi 2) History repeats itself. Both of these somehow intersect each other.

There was a time when the President was chosen by consensus from all parties esp the Opposition. Indira Gandhi broke those norms. In our country, where most of the time Presidents acted as rubber stamps actually started since 1969 when Indira Gandhi took over. Mrs. Gandhi essentially wanted a President who would go according to her- who would not even question or raise objections. Zail Singh was the classic example of this. He was ready to sweep the floor of Mrs. gandhi if she wanted. (

When Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed rejected the idea of oppostion parties and declared emergency when there was no need for it, it clealry showed how Mrs. gandhi was the queen of the country's parliament and the sole dictator.

In fact B.D Jatti during Janata Govt refused to impose President's rule in 9 states during Morarji Desai's govt just because he was a Gandhi loyalist and he knew she would come back again and he can retain his seat if he did not follow Morarji Desai's words (the then PM)

Today, her bahu- another Mrs. gandhi - Sonia Gandhi has decided to go the "saas" way. She doesn't want a consensus. she doesn't want to consult any party. Whoever is her choice becomes President. During NDA/BJP, when Sonia Gandhi refused BJP's candidate P.C. Alexander, Vajpayee ensured they work on a consensus again and they jointly agreed on Kalam. Now Mrs. Sonia Gandhi doesn't even want to think of BJP's candidate Bhairon singh Shekawat who is BJP's nominee for President. If anyone remembers, Shekawat was so neutral in the Parliament that BJP many times was angry with him. Still, BJP agrees on his name. This you will never find in Congress. Everyone will survive as long as that person is ensuring he is acting as a loyal slave to her.

Look at Sonia's candidature - forget all what has been said earlier- Shivraj patel who knows nothing but shaking his head to whatever she says. Shivraj Patel has miserably failed in any ministership he has handled - leave alone the existing home ministership. When she could select Kalam, why can't she select someone who has high stature. She doesn't want it because she knows that Congress will come to power in next election and the President by that time should be someone who will act like a rubber stamp. When Kalam intervened in the way sonia tried to impose Presidential rule in Bihar, Goa and Jharkhand, the way she asked those state Governors to bring in Congress and no other party- shows how self centered,hypocrat and low level politician she is. The saas "Indira Gandhi" set this sort of tradition and the bahu continues. atleast I understand Indira Gandhi's acheievements and proud of her, but her Bahu is fit for only politics and nothing else. Sonia is shrewd. if shrewdness helps the country, it is in the country's best interest. Else it is a blunder.

As it is ,The President doesn't have any authority, but he is needed in unique constitituional crisis which we have been seeing for the past 6 years have to be sorted out in neutral manner, not being loyal to ruling party.

Hope the Gandhigiri of Sonia ends quickly.

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