Sunday, June 10, 2007

Response to Dr. Manmohan Singh's speech

This speech was given by our present PM at Cambridge (London)
Read this speech and my response is below:

The speech is good enough, but I fail to understand why Dr.Manmohan Singh who states that he learnt how to be fearless and lucid in expression is so cowardly and uncandid in expressing his views about Reservation, banning of SIMI and many such issues. He is top as an economist, but low as a PM. If he can override the decisions of the Congress and apply his ideas, he will go far ahead and make the country "developed" through his sheer economic drive. Speeches deviate facts many times and his speech is unfortunately contradictory to his handling of challenges that are before our country. If he is fearless and bold, he has to show it. Only then shall he be accepted as a fit and strong PM .

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