Monday, July 21, 2008

What happens if PM wins the vote of confidence?

If PM wins,
a) Reforms will take a front seat
b) There are almost 72 major bills pending for almost 4 years
c) Within 100 days, Govt can unleash so many reforms that they will end up saying - "For 4 years we could not do anything as Left blocked us. Within 4 months we have done what we could not do in 4 years"..
d) This will give UPA a clear majority
e) If, however, inflation is still not under control, it will harm UPA

If PM loses,
a) It strengthens the Third front, but will collapse at the time of elections as Naidu, Left are going to fail very badly in the elections..Only Mayawati will succeed
b) Congress can end up getting more Lok Sabha seats and hence majority because of WB, AP, rajasthan, MP, Chattisgarh
c) The other scenario is a BJP wave because people would be frustrated with the messed up economy which won't change soon.

So, the stakes are high. My personal view is either Congress or BJP..but not the Third Front

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