Sunday, July 27, 2008

Has a new Manmohan Singh born?

These days what is doing rounds everywhere is that "Has Manmohan become a strong politician after winning the trust vote?"

My answer is more towards "no" and less towards "yes".


Manmohan Singh is a person who has earned my admiration when he pushed forward for reforms in 1991 which was truly a pathbreaking step in our country. There can be do denial about this. Manmohan, as PM, stood true to his justification of the claim that nuclear deal is good for the country. He came out strong after giving a relatively good speech. He, in fact, several times threatened to resign on this matter.


Why this dire need to resign not happen when for 4 years not a single reform was made? Why didn't Singh rise to the occasion and say - "I am going to resign because the Left parties are stalling eveything". Why didn't the party support him? When a great scheme like Rural Employment - (definitely, a wonderful scheme, a revolutionary scheme) was being indulged in corruption, he didn't raise a single voice. This was essential because he himself knew that the mechanism being adopted is going to make it corrupt, yet he surrendered. Why didn't he raise his voice? When his education schemes - all path breaking, were being stalled by Arjun Singh- why didn't he object? When his party chief and former PM Rajiv Gandhi said reservations are not going to help anyone, Manmohan allowed Arjun Singh to carry on with it. I admire Rajiv Gandhi for this that he rose above politics and spoke what he thought was right. When Right to Information Act - (I believe is one of the path breaking legislations w.r.t common citizen) was brought into effect, he allowed it to dilute coming under the pressure of allies. Where was his conscience and why did he allow the dilution of such a strong act? When there was a food crisis, why didn't he ensure that government godowns get filled first before private hoarders are given access to it? It has always been observed that a man comes out with his real colors when a crisis hits him hard. Mr. Singh, unfortunately, has come out with his real honest color of a tough politician by passing through a crisis that was more political. How do I accept the view of such a great intellectual when he said - "Muslims have the first right over resources in the country".
Does water, oil, air, energy now needs to be given first to Muslims and then to others. Do all these natural resources see one's religion and satisfy them? This was the last thing to expect from an intellectual, forget a politican.

These are some of the questions which history is going to ask from the academically most qualified person for country's top post, from an economist whom I admire a lot, from an individual from whom I expected so much. It is a dream come true to see 3 best intellectuals governing this country - Chidambaram, Singh and Montek Singh. Yet, why we don't see sweeping reforms? What has the aam aadmi got?

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