Friday, July 25, 2008

The dark day when my city was targetted

If one looks at the pattern of blasts since 2004 in Jaipur, Hyderabad, Delhi, Varnasi, Ayodhya, Mumbai, ajmer and now is all the same...SERIAL BLASTS. It is highly deplorable and painful. Why our system continues to bleed and allows everyone to bleed? There is a total lack of law and order. In stronger terms, it is tough posturing that is lacking,

To remember, in 2002 when Parliament was attacked, the govt almost went to a war. It was a tough signal not just to such terrorists but to the entire world that we are serious. From 1971 to 1984 - as long as Indira Gandhi ruled, not a single attempt was made by any terrorist (Bhindrawale and NE conflict apart) because she had given such a stern and tough answer to 2 things 1) International countries like pak and Bangaldesh 2) an effective law and order system that took care of (wish it could also take care of corruption) such things.

In 1989, when Rubaiya was kidnapped in Jammu that was the starting point for militancy in India. Till 2002, India has been bleeding. In 2002, when the Govt led by Vajpayee took a very tough stand and decided to stop talking to Pak and declared to go to war...Pakistan realized that its game of kashmir has to be ceased and it must continue to disrupt India by going deep inside. Since then they have been taking the help of every possible outfit in Bangaldesh and disturbing the country. Unfortunately, the timing was so bad that the govt of today took it very casually and the blasts happened in every major city.

Today, it was my city. Bangalore was attacked. serial blasts one after the other, causing panic in the IT city - "Namma Bengaluru"..It is with deep pain and sadness I write that we no longer are safe in our city. This was conducted by SIMI (that's what media claims) in retaliation to arrests by the BJP. One thing that has happened is that the central govt has decided to use paramilitary forces to protect IT city. This is essential because if that is attacked, the growth factor will be hampered and no one can take a chance. Yet, lapses will happen.

Once, Advani said and this was what was done by NDA - "Have a tough law and a centralized intelligence apparatus". The govt of that day made POTA (yes, there have been misuses, but the law must be there) and created National Security Agency. Today, NSA does exist but intelligence system is still decentralized and unorganized. It is out of sync with state govts. Forget everything - the NSA in our country not only is incharge of intelligence apparatus, but also is the personal secretary of the PM. Is controlling PMO and country the same with respect to priority? It is so disgusting. J.N.Dikshit, one of the toughest intelligence expert clearly had stated that NSA's job is only intelligence. But, no use. He died and his idea is also dead. It is not just revaming the model.

Most importantly we are not tough. We keep making slogans like filmi dialogies but never dare to take action. It was only 3 politicians who took action - Indira Gandhi, Narasimha Rao and Vajpayee..Each of these did commit blunders..but were very tough and not soft like the present govt. US attacked Afghanistan, we decided to attack military camps in Pak. The step was stopped only because of US pressure. It is at this point that I remember when Indira Gandhi told US president - "It is not the duty of the President to advise a democratically elected Prime Minister of a sovereign country what it must do". It is exactly this we need. Act..Don't speak or listen.

We need action...We have an intelligence system..It needs co-ordination...It needs more powers...We also have to stop inflitration from all our deadly neighbors - Pak, Bangaldesh, nepal, Sri Lanka - What neighbors have God given us?? When will we take action, if any? Security system continuously needs revamp. It is dynamic and should be made independent of all politicians except for one or two.

Life is so volatile in a system like ours whose both ends are non-commital and non-ethical.

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