Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Now, both BJP and Congress will push for reforms

All the sad acts, dramas are over and the govt survives. Now, the best part to see will be how Congress and BJP will together work for the economic reforms. This is going to be a record. All those who said that in India ruling and opposition cannot agree on economic reforms will go wrong. Over the past decade there is a consensus on economic reforms in the country and the 2 major parties - Congress and BJP agree on almost everything.

So, most of the bills Chidambaram is going to pass are those which were started by the BJP. So, BJP will support and the Left's opposition will die.

The net effect - India will shine. Of course, for this the Govt must really start working on disinvestment - the only single source of raising money for development of India in India. It is on record that just by strategic disinvestment of some major companies, NDA minister Arun Shourie was able to raise crores of rupees without waiting for any foreign aid/FDI. It is also something Congress wants and didn't do because of Left. now, Left is out...BJP and Congress together will push for disinvestment. If all sick PSU's go this way, then the amount generated will reach half of what China has in terms of FDI. That is the potential India on its own has and will continue to have.

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Gaurav Bandi said...

Wat a Mad Mad show it was...a fun filled fortnight. Suddenly the supporters turned rebels & vice versa! From nowhere some came out & turned heroes, denying a paltry sum of 25 crores for a mere vote! Yes i'm talking about a scene from the Indian Political theatre.
This last week has shown me a bright & poisitive side of our indian politicians. I never thought them as role models, but they proved me wrong!! & believe me m feeling more than happy on it. Had you ever thought that the MPs of india would ever gather at one place at one time even in the worst situations!! & this was just a petty confidence vote situation that has reflected the unity amongst all our representatives. Who knew that for good purpose, even BJP & Left would work together! Or that our honorable & small sevak Mr Amar Singh also can keep aside his ego & bond again with her highness Sonia Gandhi for a noble cause of saving the government. Who else can show such dignity?
The one news that took me by surprise was the dedication & commitment by our dutiful MPs. I was almost to tears on watching that MPs who were in a CRITICAL state after having met a accident also appeared in the galleries of parliament in order to seal their Valuable vote! Jus think that if a simple vote can be a reason for them to appear in parliament, then y not they'd b present when the government wud discuss issues like N-Deal, or the Vidarbha farmer suicides or the flood relief victims? M sure they can spend their nights reading the complex charters of N-deal in order to have their say.
If they keep displaying this kind of patriotism then m sure that India would become a superpower well before 2020!!!