Monday, July 21, 2008

I lose my respect for Chandrababu Naidu

It's another tragic moment in India's politics. One of my role models in governance and administration has fallen to very low levels of power politics. Yes, it is Naidu. Once upon a time and even till he lost power, he was on the headlines every now and then in not just national, but also international media.

However, I regret to write that I have lost all respect for him. This is after he joined hands with both the Left and Mayawati. His lone objective - form an alternative to BJP and Congress. Mr. Naidu as I had believed was not an opportunistic politician who would join hands with those people who can take back the country into stone age (particularly Left, Mayawati, Ajit Singh). It is good that Samajwadi Party left the Third Front, but Maywati has done a brave act of bringing the unwanted forces under her leadership just to see the day of herself seated as PM. How could a progressive, forward looking, 10 year CM, the best CM for a decade and a tech savvy politician like Naidu choose to go with such a destructive coalition? I have not seen such power hunger even in Congress and BJP at the highest level (at the Centre, not in states).

This act brought a feeling in me. I want Congress to come back in Andhra. If Chiranjeevi now comes with a majority, it is even better. This is because Chiranjeevi cannot ally with both Left and Naidu. The only options are Congress and BJP. Either way it is going to benefit Congress/BJP and in turn the country. There is no doubt that in many areas Rajashekar Reddy has done a good job. Naidu has misbehaved and acted very naively as Opposition leader. His immature conduct has actually eroded the confidence people once had in him. It is henceforth better that he comes to power only if he realigns either with Congress/BJP.

I could have stopped here if Naidu would have opposed to Mayawati as PM. This continued when Naidu said "The left, Mayawati, TDP are now a formidable strong and good force. It is a good development for the country. Mayawati is sure to be the PM". This hurt me very badly.

There are also some confirmed reports that some leaders in the BJP actually were ready to support UNPA. However, they never will accept Maywati as the PM. Hence, it is better that the Third Front collapses immediately. I cannot see Maywati as PM. It will be the darkest hour in Indian politics. It will be the beginning of an apocalypse.

I am willing to accept either UPA(without the Left) or NDA.

The chances are that Jayalalitha will go with NDA and other parties will collapse under UNPA. If Left loses, which is very likely both in West Bengal and Kerala, it will help Congress. The weakening of the Left will help Congress and destroy UNPA/Third Front. So, with Left, Naidu and Jayalalitha out, Maywati cannot do anything. This I hope will turn out to be true and helps the country a lot either to see congress or BJP in power.

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