Sunday, November 29, 2009

A decade: White House and 2 Indian PM's and 3 US Presidents

LAVISH Parties at White House for India:

Keeping politics and diplomacy aside (as to what we gained from this and what we should from this), have a look at the pictures when White House threw lavish parties for 2 Indian Prime Ministers - thrice in a single decade from 2000-2010 - to ATAL BIHARI VAJPAYEE and MANMOHAN SINGH.

WHEN VAJPAYEE DID NAMASTE WHEN HE GOT A STANDING OVATION IN WHITE HOUSE FROM THE ENTIRE CONGRESS - A Proud moment indeed!! This reception was not received by any Indian PM during the last 60 years as it happened in Sept, 2000.

The large presence of its members despite the fact that many were busy campaigning for elections in 2000.

VAJPAYEE became the 2nd member in the White House to sit down and address the entire Congress (owing to his knee problem) after Franklin . D. Roosevelt

A 20 minute address (click here for the speech) and the entire audience was clapping. Later, a lavish party by Bill Clinton.

A RECORD 700+ members attended the party - largest ever state dinner hosted by Clinton in his 10 years of Presidency just to honor Vajpayee (Indian head of the state).

The dinner included Darjeeling tea, smoked poussin, chilled green pea and cilantro soup, marble potatoes, wild copper river salmon, red kuri squash and rice, bean ragout, Swiss chard custard, garlic-chanterelle emulsion, young greens and herb salad, heirloom tomatoes, dry aged cheese blossom and 25-year-old sherry dressing. Followed by mango and banner lotus, litchis and raspberry sauce, "a majestic tiger's delight," honey almond squares and chocolate coconut bars

Obama said in his speech
(as taken from New York times and Washington Post) -

On behalf of Michelle and myself, welcome to the White House. Aapka Swagat Hai. (Applause.) Many of you were here when I was honored to become the first President to help celebrate Diwali -- the Festival of Lights. (Applause.) Some of you were here for the first White House celebration of the birth of the founder of Sikhism -- Guru Nanak. (Applause.)

Let me add also some pictures of the era when relations between India and US were full of suspicion and mistrust.

These above pics were in 1949 with Henry. S. Truman.with Kennedy and also seen is Indira.
This picture was in 1966 (above) with Lyndon. B. Johnson

This was in 1971 with Nixon (above)The last 2 were with Reagan in 1982. Also, seen is Sonia Gandhi on the extreme right.

Of course, strategically, for US, India is an important partner in South Asia to check the growing hegemony of China. And, it is in India's interest as to how it can take forward its relations from being neutral to inclining towards both US and Russia equally.

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