Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Srinagar 2nd train and international airport

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Update on train link in Srinagar.

Now, Srinagar - Baramullah train link is complete..which means now the only stretch remaining is 148 km Katra Qazigund which is a technical challenge because of the Himalayan terrain. This marks the completion of 119+55 km rail link. This link (18 km) opened now is the HIGHEST BROAD GAUGE RAILWAY STATION AT 5166 ft above sea level. It has 113 major and minor bridges and 435 m Jhelum river bridge. Takes abt 2 hrs by train as against 4 hrs by car.

However, here is the complete picture of the railway map of Kashmir that connects north to south. So, you can travek from Jammu - Udhampur and then Qazigund to Baramullah. The speed of the train is 100 kmph. The Qazigund Banihal tunnel when completed by 2010 will be 11km and an engineering marvel because it will be made through Pir Panjal range which is one the toughest terrains in India.

Now, to the International Airport:

International airport was opened on Feb 14th 2009 (too late to post, but definitely worth it). It is important because Srinagar was known for militancy and for the past decade there is a steep decline in violence. Peace is everywhere in Kashmir. Here's the picture gallery of Kashmir airport(Srinagar airport) SXR is the code and the name is Sheikh Ul Alam (greatest saint of Kashmir).

Personally, looking at the pictures, it appears more beautiful than Bangalore International Airport. (Pic courtesy: skyscraper and google).

All this was the hardwork and constant government support from both NDA in 2003 and UPA in 2004 that have ensured this project a grand success and has transformed the lives of Kashmiris.


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