Sunday, March 9, 2008

"Chi-Chi"(Govinda) is "Chee-Chee" (i.e slang scolding remark)

What has made Indian politics more infernal and humiliating than corrupt and inefficient politicians? Answer: Film celebrities that enter politics. As days progress they are invisible in their own constituencies, but their iridescent attitude is visible. They are too irresolute and mercurial. No one can trust them and they become even worse than underworld dons. They are elected by people, who are the biggest fools. This link below gives an estimate of Govinda's parliamentary presence.

Click here for the statistics of presence of Govinda

Click here for the interview made by Govinda given soon after his victory

In the interview he says he will visit temples to thank God for fulfilling his mannat. I have one mannat now. Give people the power of logic of not voting such irresponsible people. Of the 3 promises not one is fulfilled or even attempted to be solved.

His attendance is even worse than college students who bunk their classes. His explanation on the eve of Mumbai floods in 2005/06 was so ludicrous. When asked why he did not do anything about helping people in such a grave situation, he remarked that he himself could not get out of his apartment and so no help was possible. I cannot believe this is a statement that came out of the same Govinda who impressed people with his acting style. This lethargic attitude and remark only has deepened my hate for such people or film celebrities who do not know anything about politics and have no heart even when people's hearts are bleeding. This mortification of public office is highly condemnable. I reprobate such remiss attitude.

People should never vote for film celebrities. One of the only celebrity to have worked something really hard was Late Sunil Dutt. The others I remember are NTR and MGR. Amongst a sample size of 100 film celebrities there are hardly 3 or 4 who are sincere about the country, society and foremost their own constituency from where they are elected. Shame on Jayaprada, Dharmendra, Vinod Khanna, Hema Malini who don't even speak out what they intend to do in their constituency. Their silence is far more dangerous than fake promises made by other politicians who are not from film world.

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