Sunday, June 9, 2013

Why BJP's loss was so obvious in Karnataka 2013 election

It's been a month now that Karnataka elections resulted in Congress coming to power. While Congress was very happy there was nothing to cheer about for the party itself. What was good was that BJP was voted out. BJP in its truest sense became a party just like Congress or even worse when it came to Karnataka.  Going by its own standards this was the worst government BJP ever gave. BJP had become so corrupt in the state that it was beyond recognition that it was the very party that was swept to power for it to be given a chance. The chance was greatly misused. Thousands of crores of corruption in mining scams in Bellary (close to 50,000 crores), the monopoly of Reddy brothers over the government, the bribery cases of Operation Kamala - all were recipes for disaster. One could not imagine BJP falling to these levels in a state where it first formed the government. Usually it takes at least one term for a party to become corrupt but BJP in Karnataka proved that no matter when given a chance it will show it will become truly corrupt. The extent to which Yediyurappa stole crores of rupees from the state exchequer was a glaring example of monumental corruption the head of the state can do. 

BJP's weak action against moral policing organizations's high handedness in Mangalore was not just inhumane but completely void of logic and sense. Sri Ram Sene attacks on pubs in 2009 and Hindu Jagarna Vedike attacks on the homestays were the heights of moral policing. Despite its claim that it doesn't associate or affiliate with such organizations it did not take any action. The whole Mangalore area clearly voted out BJP because of these acts. When I looked at the videos it just touched me and was just too brutal. I don't know how many inhumane things happen everyday in our country. We truly have lost the right to be calling ourselves a civilized society. 

BJP's weak record was so sharp that Congress did not have to do any hard work. Even if they had not campaigned they would have swept to power. In a way what is good is that JD(S) is out from controlling the government since the mercurial Deve Gowda can only bring in havoc for everything. Karnataka faces many challenges because of the lost decade since S.M.Krishna exited. It is far beyond in solving electricity and water problems. Water problems has become so acute in Bangalore that almost all parts have begun to feel it. The groundwater is used so extensively and there is no scope for water to recharge it. Congress in Karnataka is no good either but given a majority there is hope.

There are so many challenges before the new CM Siddaramaih. if he acts tough against non-doers people will vote him back again if not God knows the fate in the next election. 

People voted out BJP because the party led by Yediyurappa had tarnished its own party at the center and the people in the state so badly that they wanted to give a befitting reply and they did. BJP in the center is not same as BJP in states and Congress doesn't exist in states and is weak at the center. Remove Sonia Gandhi and you will see Congress fall like a deck of cards.Ironically if Sonia Gandhi binds the Congress it is her NAC which is spelling doom for the country. The deafening silence of PM is better to be left to itself for explanation.

If BJP can be voted out for corruption in Karnataka will Congress be voted out in Center next year? If the answer is "no" it only indicates how biased are our people in having 2 yardsticks for measuring a govt's performance. Congress record in UPA - II is so bad that every day there are scams and no one wants to take accountability. The way CBI was misused as spelled by the Supreme Court clearly shows how it has become a norm to keep quiet after corruption for Congress party.

There is another thing to notice as well. Both Modi and Rahul did not do any wonders and their impact on the state was zero. Te fact is Karnataka people wanted to vote on local issues and not national ones. Karnataka has the history of voting differently when it comes to state and center. Let's hope that it happens this time too.

Remember that a leader makes a party and party's ideology is not all relevant in Indian politics. If there is a credible face people will vote without caring for party's ideology. Given that fact Congress in the Center is leaderless and BJP doesn't want to have anoint a leader even though it has one - People will have to vote whichever carries a tough decisive leader.

I hope Karnataka sees good days given the fact that Siddaramaih is made the CM.

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