Saturday, October 23, 2010

The closing ceremony of the Commonwealth Games

Did Delhi meet the expectations? Here's detailed article on how BBC reported. To the people of India, it is great news that, yes, indeed, DELHI WENT BEYOND EXPECTATIONS AND DID A TERRIFIC JOB OF HOSTING IT.

The second article above shows the GAMES VILLAGE WAS EXCELLENT. The athletes to which BBC spoke only praised it and they loved it.

One should not forget that unprecedented security and no outbreak of dengue helped India a lot. Many countries even canceled their trips to India because of these reasons. Media exaggerated several such issues, however, India came out with flying colors as no incident of these kinds ever happened.

This is how AUSTRALIAN HERALD reported - In the end we all were all love with India - they were gracious hosts - but we never fell for the Games' organising committee.

 The closing ceremony was not as dazzling as the opening one, but nevertheless it was good. What made India proud was that it came second in the medals tally. It was also India's highest CWG medal tally since 1934.
There was also this complaint that for most sports people did not turn up to cheer the athletes. This was mainly because of the corruption and the way India's image was tarnished. However, as India won more medals, the crowds started coming in. 

The Games showcased India's sporting talent. Something unusual to see as cricket is often the most hyped and loved game in India.
I paste below the pictures of the closing ceremony (source: skyscrapercity and google images)

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