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Delhi 2010 Commonwealth Games Venue Pics and update

The Common Wealth Games(CWG) 2010 in Delhi has become "Corruption Wealth Generation (CWG)". What else can you expect when Govt does all the construction? It is extremely sad and unfortunate that despite having extremely good private builders and construction companies in India, none of them were used for the Delhi games venues. Just look at how our highways, airports and ports are expanding and modernizing. It is simply because, private builders together with Govt money, are involving a huge pool of manpower and resources and delivering very good projects. We have operational inefficiencies, but structural inefficiencies are unacceptable. It is the structural inefficiencies which these private ones remove. Imagine Delhi Metro being done by the Govt. They would have never done it. Imagine Hyderabad airport done by the Govt. They would have never done that. While it is true that every project in India cannot be good just because a private builder builds it (There are examples like the Bangalore airport itself - all set to expand now!!)  - Commonwealth games venues are an exception. Here, it was required that the govt from the beginning plan and execute involving private builders. They would have not only provided vision, but also superior materials and good finishing. It is reported that the main venue - JLN Stadium was done after taking inputs from various   people outside India - only God knows how much is this true. 

In 2003, we won the bid and construction started in 2007. For 4 years, other than Delhi Metro, no other construction for CWG was even started. The laziness and negligence plagued the authorities. Why blame the State Govt? The Central Govt should have taken a pro-active approach in ensuring these game venues construction go good. I am astonished how Sonia Gandhi allowed this to happen when her husband (Late Rajiv Gandhi) and mother-in-law (Late Indira Gandhi) delivered a fantastic Asian Games in 1982. Why Manmohan Singh kept quiet and never bothered to monitor how these games venues are being constructed? 21 agencies including Delhi Jal Board, Sewage Board, Public Works Department - all worked clashing with each other. They inflated prices. A 4 lakh equipment was charged 10 lakh and the remaining 6 lakh went into the pockets of these officers. The budget ballooned to 35,000 Crores from a  few hundreds  What a corruption? This scale of corruption....Shame!!! The money was also diverted from Pension schemes, welfare schemes.

The venues - many of them are not complete.  A month ago some of the venues didn't have proper restrooms (under construction), some had false ceiling which was worn out, some had flooring which was worn out - obviously if you put in cheap quality, this is what you get. Some debris is still seen outside. The heavy rains that lashed Delhi affected some of the venues. The water just entered some of them. Some caused leakages and seepage. National prestige is at stake. India seems to have missed the point.

It took the Commonwealth Federation President - Mike Fennell, finally, to say that all venues are fine except cleaning needs to be done in the surroundings and games village (where athletes are going to stay) have to be completed on time. If any task is done at the eleventh hour, it is either incomplete or shabbily done.

I present in this blog the pictures of the venues and wherever possible, the pictures of Guangzhou where 2010 Asian Games are going to be held . THe venues are opened 200 days before and we haven't even finished with less than 60 days to go....What a delinquent attitude...!!!

Dhyan Chand Stadium


Bejing's Hockey Stadium

Karni Shooting Range


Shooting range in China:

R.K. Khanna Tennis Complex


Here's GUANGZHONG Tennis complex

Siri Forts Complex

Badminton, Squash

This one is really beautiful. There have been no issues so far.

S.P. Mukherjee Aquatics

This one has the maximum problems...
The pic below is that of GUANGZHONG

Talkatora Indoor Stadium


Thyagaraja Sports Complex


Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium

Cycling, Gymnastics, Wrestling
2nd largest in Asia and largest indoor stadium in India. It is OCTAGONAL in shape
Gym(14000), Cycling(4000),


The one in China is below:

Gymnastics (very good)

Wrestling Area:
Ludlow Wrestling (outside IG Stadium)

Yamuna Sports Complex

Table Tennis

Could not get proper pictures and it still is getting finishing touches.

And finally, the main Jawarhalal Nehru Stadium - where the opening and closing ceremonies would be held:

Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium

Opening, closing ceremonies,
Athletes, Lawn bowling, Weightlifting
PTFE (Poly-tetra fluore ethylene) membrane roof largest in Asia.

Look at what GUANGZHONG Main Stadium (below) - It will amaze everyone. I really expected the main stadium where crores of rupees were spent would turn out be something like the one below
(Images: Google, skyscrapercity)

The best part of the Games is that Delhi Metro has made travel much easier. It is all set to complete 200 km by the end of August this year. Delhi also got an airport express link and an international airport. Lots of flyovers, bridges are inaugurated. All the Games venues are well connected by Delhi Metro - something really good !!!

Let's hope we do deliver the games in full spirit...Let India win the highest number of medals.

Here are some numbers at a glance


Cyberdentist said...

As you know I am currently in India and just got back from Delhi. You paint a very beautiful picture but unfortunately its the not the same in reality. The gymnastics location will not be complete before the games and there is still a lot of construction underway despite the fact that the games will start soon. Even the much publicized train system from Intl. airport to city ctr has been delayed !!

I was excited anticipating that I would land in the new airport but unfortunately, domestic terminal remains the same and no domestic flights are landing in the new airport yet. Clearly only Jet and KF will fly out from Intl airport and others will stay behind. This move has been postponed twice and there are absolutely no jetbridges available in the old airport. The old airport is still hopeless and incredibly dirty. There is no traffic regulation and it took me nearly 2 hrs to travel 8 kms!!

I really thought Delhi was cleaned up but with all the rains, the real "Delhi" came out. Drains are inadequate, traffic is horrendous, and traffic cops just watch all the happenings without care or concern!!

Unfortunately, we will not paint a pretty picture to anyone who visits Delhi. China is corrupt too but they get the work done, India is corrupt as well but the work is only 1/2 done!!

Personally I was completely dissatisfied and to me, something '1/2 done' is as good as 'not done'.

RisingCitizen said...

In the article I have written where did u find a rosy picture? Haven't I brought about the reality that even restrooms are incomplete, debris is lying outside and it's absolutely filthy. I bring out reality everytime as much as possible.

You wrote - "Even the much publicized train system from Intl. airport to city ctr has been delayed !!". When did I say it will start in Aug....Sincerely, it is only Delhi Metro which is doing its job on time. You should know how many targets Delhi Metro has met. They have met everytime, except the Qutub Minar line. It is perhaps the only agency which knows meeting deadlines. Wait and watch!!! They will do their job unlike Govt which will leave it incomplete.

As far as traffic is concerned, people are to be blamed for the mess. It is utter lawlessness and lack of traffic discipline. it should come within and no Govt can impose it. So, why spare any Indian city when inhabitants of any city care zero for traffic discipline..?

I wonder why you even comment on the old airport? I think I did mention to you that aerobridges are not there in the old, but the new one has it. Did I ever write an article saying Delhi old airport is good?

I have painted a rosy picture is an extremely exaggerated comment by yours when I have criticized several things.

ravi said...

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Talha khan said...

@risingcitizen its a joke tht u mension govt. cant do nything 2 clear the mess, btw public can only improve if they r taught by d govt. Proper campaign needs 2 b thrown. But u kno evn govt officials spit on public site. Wht do u xpect frm public,, bottomline: thr aint ny role model 4 people 2 follow.

Monu said...

Hi All,
Well i am very delighted to see pics of Delhi CWG 2010. Let's hope we will give the best to the world.
Many kudos to your team for representing best features of Indian Spirit.
As for others, i just want to tell only that problems are one can make perfect world but we can try to make things good with our available resources....
Cheers :)
Vyom Dixit