Friday, July 9, 2010

Pictures of IGI Airport T3

97 walkalators:
Domestic and International Check in Areas:

Main Canopy Area using Northern Light Concept (abundant natural light)

Huge Retail Area:

Aerobridges, dock stations:

The dock stations have 3 colors representing Indian spices - Red, Green and Yellow.

SINGAPORE: 65 DELHI: 78 Aerobridges:
Has Lounges, Shower rooms, prayer rooms, restaurants, bars, fast food outlets - 20,000 sq m of Commerial Area.

Retail Space description video

Pics and videos courtesy: google images, skyscrapercity and youtube


Pratik Shah said...

niiiice... was waiting for this article :p

Somshekhar said...

Amazing!! good job

RisingCitizen said...

These are breathtaking views and I cannot believe my eyes.

Mahesh Joshi, PhD
Research Assistant Professor
Department of Biomedical Engineering

RisingCitizen said...

Ravi Kiran
It is truly impressive.

HoneySingh Mann said...

Mannnnn Looks great.......Koi Bombay ka kuch karo yaar ;)