Tuesday, January 6, 2009

How India must be showcased in EPCOT

This is how I imagine India stall in EPCOT must be showcased: More can be added later. Suggestions/comments welcome.

At the entrance, there will be Asoka pillar with our emblem on top of it. Also, quotes about India by various past and present great celebrities will be put up. The building will have a gopuram, mosque dome, gurduwara dome and church tower. On either sides would be Mahavira and Buddha. As soon as you enter you will see pictures of Harappan cities. Then the Vedic age photos/archaeological remains. Then some interesting inventions and discoveries of Gupta Age, Mauryan age and how Alexander was defeated by Indians will be shown. Our progress in science and technology even before Greeks and Romans would be on display. Then, the invasion of Muslim rulers, the structures they built will be shown. The Indian empire which extended from Iran till Java will be shown in terms of maps.

Then the last part would be the display/showcase of British India. In between, videos of cave paintings of Ajanta, Ellors, Badami etc and the majestic temples of TamilNadu and Karnatka will be continuously played.

There will be a section called Indian life. There the first thing that will be on display is a board showing "WELCOME TO INDIA" and this will be written in 16 different main languages. Then you will see dolls with different costumes put on it (Punjabi, Gujarati, Bengali, Marathi, Kannada, telugu, Tamil etc). Like the Chinese one has a showcase of 500/1000 small warrior idols, we can have small dolls with those costumes. The various dances will be displayed in pictures. For this, pictures of popular celebrity depicting each type of dance will be put up.

In the food section, you will have sweets (Rasgulla, Jamoon, jalebi, Mysore Pak, Obattu, Kheer, etc), Namkeen (from all parts), Idli, dosa, Roti, Baingan Bartha, Sarson Ka Saag and many more delicacies will be offered.

In the store/shopping section, you will have sarees, chudidars, kurtas, different spices, handicrafts, emboridery dresses, jewellery etc will be shown (like the Chinese section has it today).

The 360 degree film will be a direct copy of Indian history which is showcased in Delhi's Akshardham.

Then there will be a "PRESENT" section where Indian achievements since Independence will be showcased. Our breakthroughs in biotechnology, IT, thorium research, defence, science and technology will be on display. Our military, navy capabilities will be shown. The success of Bollywood industry will also be on display with various celebrities talking about India. Also, will show how home grown software companies are changing lives of rural India especially the success of e-Choupal will be shown. Golden Quadrilateral roads will be shown in terms of videos/photos etc. Our growing automobile industry showcasing Nano and our textile industry will be displayed either as a photo album or a video on a screen. Also, the world class Delhi Metro which even London wants to replicate will be shown.

Last section, will be "FUTURE" showing how India is poised to grow at an extremely good rate and the undying enterprenral spirit which is far better than China will be shown in terms of number of Indians successful in billionaries list (both in India and abroad)

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